Kally Kids Sleep Pillow

Kally Kids Pillow – Review

We have tried to make L’s room as comfortable and calm as possible, for a good night sleep. But we also made sure he put his own mark on it, picking paint colours, carpet and bedding. He adores his bed and we climb up there to read every night but he wanted it to be more like a sofa, for us and for him, during reading time. So when we saw the Kally Kids Pillow I knew it would perfectly. What I didn’t appreciate were the other benefits it would bring.

Kally Kids Sleep Pillow

L often has troubled sleep, especially in this hot weather. If he can’t sleep, guess who else can’t sleep? Yeah, that would be me. If he’s hot, uncomfortable and restless of course he’s going to struggle. He’ll have bad dreams and then he’ll need me. I’m comfort and he will drift right off in our bed, but with a small, hot and wriggly child next to me I then can’t sleep.

The Kally Kids pillow looks much like a pregnancy pillow, long and cuddly, ready to offer all the right support. I miss my pregnancy pillow if I’m honest and I’m a bit jealous of L’s new pillow. I know it;s good as he lent it to me friend when she slept over and she loved it, threatened to steal it actually.

Kally Kids Sleep Pillow

I will admit I was mainly interested in it as it ticked off L’s dreams of making his bed more sofa like, I knew propped up at the end reading would be a million times more comfortable. But I was also interested to see how it would help L at night.

To be fair it has taken him some getting used to. He’s five and has only experienced a classic pillow. Telling him he could use this instead and lay on it, round it, cuddle it, bend it, just do whatever he wanted to make himself comfortable was a bit alien to him. I can appreciate that.

Kally Kids Sleep Pillow

The benefit of this is I can tell the difference in the nights he tried to fall asleep without it and the nights he has used it as his main pillow. And the difference is marked. I mean I can actually tell the difference in the morning. He will be refreshed, have slept longer and most importantly he will have slept better.

You see Kally have worked closely with several experts, from Harley Street Doctors to Osteopaths to develop their sleep range, both the adult and kids option.

Kally Kids Sleep Pillow

The pillow has been sized to ‘grow’ with your child. It can be shaped and adapted as they get older. It provides neck, back and spinal support. It is hypo-allergenic and with made hollowfibre materials, it helps to regulate body temperature through the breathable cotton layer and we’ve found in this heat L doesn’t even really use a sheet, he just snugs into the pillow.

I love that pillow is actually machine washable, it’s important to me as we often have wet accidents at night and I need to be able to wash everything! It means I know he can use it without worry and use it how he wants.

Oh and it does double up to turn his bed into a sofa and works wonderfully!!

The Kally Kids Sleep pillow comes in three lovely designs and is £42.99.

Kally Kids Sleep Pillow

Disclosure – we were gifted our pillow in return for an honest review, all thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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  1. You told that as it ticked off L’ s dreams of making his bed more sofa-like, It’s right. Thank you for helping us.

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