Front cover of Kingdom of You personalised children's book from Wonderbly

Kingdom of You from Wonderbly – Review

We’ve worked with Wonderbly several times in the past when they were known as Lost My Name and I couldn’t wait to help them celebrate their amazing rebrand with a review of the fabulous Kingdom of You.

Kingdom of You
We love a good bedtime story

Like the other books from Wonderbly, Kingdom of You is personalised. Not only with your child’s name but also how the main character looks and a few of their favourite things.

Kingdom of You
It does look like him!

For L I picked the little blonde boy to be the main character and went for his favourite thing being vehicles, though it was a close call against dinosaurs or zoo animals, our final choice was his favourite food, I choose ice cream. A no brainer really.

Kingdom of You
He does love vehicles

I typed out a dedication for him and waited for my delivery.

The order process is simple and you get to see what you’re creating as you go. Delivery is nice and quick to, all detailed as you order.

L adores his book. So do I. From a practical point of view the paper is thick and bound well. It’s a nice size. Bold and colourful. A real pleasure to hold. 

Kingdom of You
He loves Ice Cream too

The story is fabulous. It’s all centered around L and how he’s fed up being told what to do, like real life! Then a sock genie grants him some wishes, very much unlike real life. If only my laundry pile would turn into a sock genie, if only. 

This is where the choices about food and favourite things come in. I’m not going to spoil the rest of the story but L got so involved. Really invested in the outcome and what was happening. Loving that he was in his own book.

Kingdom of You
He did get very excited about this book

Every evening I make up a little adventure story for L all about something outlandish he has done. Completely made up and not very good but he loves them. He kind of see his Kingdom of You book as being an extension of one of our adventures, just with a better plot and pictures he can look at.

It’s certainly a fun addition to our bedtime book collection.

These books are gifts that will last a lifetime. Even when he gets too old for it I’ll be keeping it. It’s special and beautiful and such good fun. A little cartoon version of L starring in his own adventures. Perfect.

Kingdom of You
A great story

Disclosure – we were gifted our book in exchange for an honest review.

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