Kitchen trends

Kitchen Trends Worth Knowing

A house is a relaxing place for everybody. It is a place where we all come back to when we are tired. A home consists of many different rooms. Basically, every home consists of a living room, bedrooms, kitchen and washrooms. Kitchen trends

Of all the rooms in a house, the kitchen is very unique. Whilst on the surface a kitchen may look like an unimportant space, for me it it is actually central to the other rooms in the house. The kitchen is one of the components we count on to add value to a house. The appearances and the hardware used in the kitchen can help in increasing the value of a house.

Therefore, styling your kitchen and blending trends is worth trying. You need to find what works for your space and your family. Here are some kitchen layout styles and trends worth knowing:

Pullman kitchen

A Pullman kitchen is a space-saving kitchen layout type. It is also known as a one wall kitchen as appliances and cabinets are fixed onto one wall. It best suits if you are building a kitchen in a workplace, studio or at loft space. Kitchen trends

A walk- through kitchen

A walk-through kitchen is a lean kitchen space. A single cook kitchen which consists of two walls opposite to each other. More commonly known as a galley. The two worktops are built opposite one another leaving space in between to walk through them. Making the best use of a small space.

L-shaped kitchen

This is a versatile kitchen layout style. Two worktops are on the adjoining walls forming an L-shape. It uses the space to the maximum, and the ends of the worktops are extendable. The best part about this type of kitchen is that dining space or a work-zone can be easily added if desired. 

U-Shape kitchen

U-shaped kitchen layouts are made of three walls of appliances or cabinets. You can even use an island as the third wall. Then this type of layout is great if you have a few people cooking. It is also known as Horseshoe due to its design.Kitchen trends

A kitchen island

A kitchen island consists of appliances, cabinets and an additional workspace. It can provide seating, a sink, an oven or even a wine cooler. Adding an island to an existing kitchen can be an easy way of gaining more useable space. 

Along with the physical layout of your kitchen decoration is very important. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to decorating or styling a kitchen. As a kitchen has to last it is important to choose something you love but that will not become outdated too quickly.

Here are some ideas for implementing kitchen trends to your kitchens:

Metal touch

When you think of kitchens you think stainless steel. So stand out ofthe crowd and use other metals. Using the same metal for the sink, the oven and the  cooker hood if you have one, makes a bold statement. Remember to use suitable lighting in the kitchen to get highlight them. 

Artificial plants and trees

If you like greenery then try adding artificial plants and trees to your kitchen. Both outdoor plants and indoor plants are suitable for kitchen styling. Even tall artificial outdoor trees like palm trees can work if you have the space. Creating a calm oasis in the central room of your home. If there is larger space, install a green wall. An artificial version of a living wall will bring nature into your kitchen.

Kitchen trends

Wooden theme

If you want some raw style for your kitchen, then use wooden kitchen decors. Mix natural wood cabinets with granite flooring and some forest wallpapers to create a natural look of a kitchen with the wooden theme. It more suitable for open kitchens and remember to not go overboard, you don’t want to decorate your kitchen completely with the wooden items, use few wood items and carefully blend it with other decors. 


The interior and exterior design industry always has something new to offer to their customer. Every decor trend and every new kitchen layout style have their own pros and cons. Above are some basic and cost-effective kitchen layout styles and trends. Implement the ones which suit your taste, and, most importantly, your home.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post. Images and text have been provided.

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