KooPower Solar Lights

KooPower Garden Solar Lights

I love our garden and now it’s summer I love nothing more than sitting out in the evenings and making the most of it. An easy way to create a lovely atmosphere is by adding some lighting to your garden. Solar lighting is the easiest way to do that and I have been sent some fabulous KooPower Solar Lights that I am just obsessed with.

KooPower Solar Lights

We’re no strangers to solar lights in our garden. We have fairy lights in our Greengage tree and some lovely lamps either side of the archway that splits our garden in two and I love them. Though I fear the fairy lights round our tree may have finally given up on us, which is sad.

KooPower Solar Lights

KooPower sent me a gorgeous string of fairy lights and I have to say I’m very impressed. The reasons are simple.

One, they are on a copper wire, which is not only incredibly fashionable right now it’s also so practical. It made them easy to put up, I just twisted the wire around any little nail or chip of wood that jutted out along our fence line, it also means that by day they are practically invisible.

KooPower Solar Lights

Two, they have loads of functions! Slow fash, fast flash, pulse, sparkle, on, off, a random mix of each different function. I love it. It makes it really fun and easy to personalise to your particular tastes.


KooPower Solar Lights

KooPower also sent me a pair of flame torches. Which are my absolute favourite. Each lamp comes on a stake, which is in two parts so you can choose the height that suits you. Better still the solar panel is on the top of each torch so there are no wires, bonus.

The flame affect is brilliant, they really do look like burning torches. The have a soft yellowy orange light, not bright at all, which I like as it’s not intrusive. In fact, when we have finished building our extension we’re thinking of using them either side of the new front door, as a welcoming light. As that will be right at the front of the property I wouldn’t want anything that bothered the neighbours or didn’t look amazing.

KooPower Solar Lights

I’m honestly so chuffed with the products we received, I wouldn’t hesitate to get more from them.

Disclosure – we were gifted our lights in return for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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  4. Wow! Great Ideas, It’s look incredible 🙂 Thanks for sharing Keep Posted!

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