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Last Pub Standing Norwich

Last week it was my Father in Law’s birthday and he and he fancied a nice meal out in Norwich with a few beers afterwards with his son. So that’s what happened. We booked into the Premier Inn and headed to the Last Pub Standing for an amazing meal. Last Pub Standing

I used to drink in the pub a lot many a year ago when Aviva were still Norwich Union, the Union Building was Rose Lane Business Centre and The Rooftop not even thought of and Last Pub Standing was King’s. Our nothing special, but served decent chips, local. Last Pub StandingLast Pub Standing

It has changed a lot and changed for the better, Last Pub Standing is a great mix of pub, restaurant and local. The decor is cosy and inviting, the drink selection on point and the food is all local and delicious. The courtyard beer garden is nothing like I remember and now even has a rooftop terrace. I swear we would have moved in and most likely lost our jobs if this was our local back in the day!Last Pub StandingLast Pub Standing

We ate early as we had L with us and as such ate in the main pub not the restaurant area, so I can’t comment on what that is like but we loved our large table and train like seats complete with luggage racks over head. L was most impressed that there is now a glass section to the floor so you can see through to the cellar, complete with skeleton!Last Pub Standing

We were lucky enough to test out the newly launched kids menu and put the main menu through its paces too. Last Pub StandingLast Pub Standing

L went for Mac & Cheese with beans and ice cream for dessert, he had enough to feed an adult and all for only £5. A real bargain. It was served on a wooden board in a cauldron, do not ever try to correct him, it was a magical cauldron that meant his favourite cheesy pasta would never run out, and to be fair, try as he might he was never going to finish it!! I managed to sneak a mouthful or two when he popped to the bathroom and it was good. Last Pub Standing

Both the men went for the same burger, probably the largest burger I have ever seen, so large neither could face a dessert! The Conquistador features double stacked patties, Binham Blue Cheese, streaky bacon and chorizo. Garnished with a Scotch Bonnet this is not for the faint hearted, not because of the spice, just the size. You get all the salad in the burger too and fries and slaw on the side. They really enjoyed it, though felt there could have been a bit more sauce to balance against the level of meatiness. As one wanted more mustard and the other more cheese, that it is clearly completely personal preference. Last Pub Standing

Last Pub Standing

I opted for the vegan delight that is The Herbivore. A burger patty made of lentils, pinto beans and sweetcorn served with lettuce, tomato, pickles and a spicy mayo it was delicious. The patty was a little dry by itself, but then it wasn’t created to be eaten on it’s own. I loved it and it’s so nice for me to go into a pub and have several veggie options, good ones too. It also came with fries and slaw, so good. Last Pub StandingLast Pub Standing

There is a chance there was also a small portion of fries for the table with Mature Walsingham Cheese, you know, just for good measure. The loaded fries option is actually amazing and perfect for sharing at lunch or to go with a few evening tipples. You can load them up with so many things, cheese and bacon are obvious choices, but falafel and bang-bang shrimp, well that’s a bit special!! Awesome. Last Pub Standing

I really liked that we were completely welcome as a family eating a meal alongside the after work drinkers and quiet couples. They’ve nailed it. Last Pub Standing

Disclosure – I was invited to Last Pub Standing for the purpose of this review and my table was a discount. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own. Last Pub Standing

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