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At the end of last year I was asked by LoveCrafts if there was anything new on the craft front I would like to learn in the new year. Now as you all know, I love my crafts and cross stitch, embroidery, papercrafts, jewelry making and more have all all been staples of my crafting life. However, for the longest time, both crochet and knitting have eluded me.

LoveCrafts Knitting Patterns
Ready to start trying to knit

Many a time I have tried my hand at both crafts, having slightly more success with knitting than crochet, but never finishing a project. After a bit of thought I decided crochet was probably still a bit out of my reach but I could actually learn how to knit.

In the past I had been able to cast on, but I genuinely couldn’t remember how. I had never got to the stage that casting off was even attempted! So I think that pretty much puts me in the newbie bracket.

It didn’t take long to start making progress

The joy of the LoveCrafts website is that it is so easy to navigate and has everything you need to complete a project, patterns, yarns and equipment and brilliant how to guides.

I decided a scarf would be perfect for me, I mean it is the season for a scarf and I really did want something very easy to get my teeth into. I went for a Lia Scarf, it uses large needles and a beautifully soft MillaMia super chunky wool that comes in loads of gorgeous colours, I opted for Cornflower Blue.

LoveCrafts Knitting Patterns
Turns out I find knitting very therapeutic

When you choose a pattern, it straight away tells you what yarn and needles you need, linking to them so you can make sure you have everything you need before you start.

The yarn and needles were delivered really quickly, beautifully packaged in a lovely bag. I downloaded the pattern and printed it off, the instructions were really clear and easy to follow. Perfect for a beginner like me. Just by following the instructions and using the pictures I had cast on and was happily knitting away.

LoveCrafts Knitting Patterns
A bit ragged round the edges, but I’m happy with it

This was the perfect starter project. The chunky wool and large 12mm needles meant I made really fast progress, so fast it only took me an evening to complete. It gave me confidence in casting on and off, though a bit more practise will be required with both and I genuinely feel I mastered the basic garter stitch required. Mainly I was just pleased to have actually completed my first ever knitting project and am now looking forward to trying something new and a tad more complex.

I loved the fact that you can save all your projects on your LoveCrafts account and get a bit social with other crafters. I was able to save the pattern, yarn and needles I had used. Note how long it took me and add any thoughts I had about the project which would be useful if I went back to it. I also got to add pictures I took as I was going and make a note of how long it took me.

LoveCrafts Knitting Patterns
And in less than 24 hours it is no longer my scarf!

I was really impressed with how easy LoveCrafts made everything for me and I will definitely be using them again. I’m thinking of some lovely hearts I’ve seen, with Valentine’s Day on the way I think they would be perfect and would teach me how to add and drop stitches, but it does look quite complicated. We’ll see, I’m sure there’s the perfect second project for me on there.

Disclosure – I received my yarn and knitting needles free of charge in return for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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