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Looking Forward to Spring

It’s fair to say I’ve felt a bit gloomy recently. Far from my usual positive self. Whilst it’s definitely ok to feel whichever way you want and I’m certainly not a fan of hiding emotions, they’ll only build up and up until they force their way out anyway, I do feel the need for a bit of my usual positive self to shine through. So I’ve taken a few minutes to jot down some of the things I’m looking forward to now Spring is on it’s way.

Looking Forward to Spring
Fingers Crossed for more blue skies

I love the change into Spring, looking out to see bright blue skies and sunshine, but genuinely having no idea whether it will be bitterly cold or surprisingly warm. Spring is like weather roulette but I genuinely love those first days of sunshine and clear skies, they sooth my soul.

This Spring comes with the hope of being able to see people again. I cannot wait to see my niece for the first time. When that stay at home rule lifts, hopefully on the 29th March, they’ll be right at the top of my list. I’m looking forward to seeing other people as well and really looking forward to L being able to play with his friends at the park again.

Feeling calm walking
Going out without a coat! The thrill of it.

I’m rather excited for easier outdoors time. We’ve been spending a lot of time outside, but it’s been cold, wet and muddy. Now whilst I’d never let that stop me getting out and I am rather looking forward to the moment when all we have to do is chuck a jumper on and normal shoes to just go out and enjoy the world. The wellies, coats, hats and gloves routine is wearing thin now.

I’m looking forward to things like zoos reopening. I’m considering a zoo pass for this year, we used to have one for our local zoo before L started school, then decided we wouldn’t use it enough to warrant the expense. Last year, despite it being closed for huge chunks of time we still visited 4 times and would have gone more if we had a pass. It was somewhere wide open I actually didn’t feel too anxious and we all love it. There are plenty of nice outdoor activities we can go and visit nearby that I’m excited for. BeWILDerwood, Wroxham Barns, The Broads. Just not being confined to my village will be rather exciting!

Zoo trip

I’m looking forward to Easter and egg hunts in the garden and maybe even the school egg hunt will take place this year.

I’m hopeful for L getting settled back into school and him realising that he hasn’t fallen as far behind as he thinks, in fact he’s come on leaps and bounds he just needs to gain the confidence to use those new skills.

In general Spring has just left me feeling hopeful. Spring is a season of new growth and new life. Spring is just quite a hopeful season and that has rubbed off on me. Must be the sunshine.

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