Loop Ear Plugs – review

Here’s a secret for you all. I snore. Loudly and in a most irritating fashion apparently. It’s not a complete shock to me as occasionally I’ll wake myself up doing it! 

Now as a general rule this doesn’t affect me but it does affect my poor husband so when the guys from Loop Ear Plugs got in touch about their products I thought of him.

Loop ear plugs

Super soft and comfortable they are great for sleeping in. Being reusable there’s no environmental worries. Most importantly though the sound they block out is amazing. They are kind of wasted on my snoring if I’m honest.

In normal circumstances we’d get a lot more use out of the Loop Ear Plugs. We’d be at gigs and race meets and generally not stuck in the house. We like loud things. Last year I should have enjoyed Green Day, Weezer, Fall Out Boy, Evanescence and Within Temptation. We would have been to the British Superbike round at Snetterton, probably the truck racing and a handful of test days too.

Loop ear plugs

You can get a choice of colours which is nice, especially if you’re using them a lot. They are actually rather stylish, they genuinely look really cool. You wouldn’t mind being seen out in them at all, nothing like the normally luminous squidgy little things you have shove in your ears.

There are three levels of ear plug to choose from, depending on if you want to filter or block out sound, Quiet, Experience and Experience Pro

For something so small and simple I’m very impressed.

Loop ear plugs

Disclosure – I was gifted my Loop Ear Plugs but all thoughts, opinions and images are my own. 

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