Love Bomb Cushions & App Reveiw

When Sarah from Love Bomb Cushions got in touch to see if I’d like to review some of their products and the free to download game app I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I love to support parents with a work from home dream like mine though, so of course I said yes.

Love Bomb Cushions
Little keychains

Love Bomb Cushions is a family business manufacturing novelty Cushions and plush items. Sarah set it up whilst I was at home with her kids a couple of years ago. All in the hope that she could earn a living around them. So all very close to my heart as you can imagine. 

Love Bomb Cushions
As soon as the delivery arrived he buried the cat and started cuddling

We got sent an amazing box filled with a selection of the different Love Bomb Cushion products. All fabulous and fun emojis in various forms.

There were two lovely emoji cushions. Round but quite flat L immediately claimed them for his bed. In fact everything, down to the box itself is L’s. The cushions are lovely and soft. All the details are stitched in and the quality is impressive.

Love Bomb Cushions
L’s new cushions

We also got a pair of purple devil slippers. These fitted me perfectly and were super soft and squidgy. So comfortable. I love them. However, as I mentioned, L claimed everything. Yes, even the slippers that fitted my size 7 feet. The slippers are so squidgy that they actually fit L’s little tiny feet. I wish I had a picture of him in them to share with you all, he looks so funny in them, but sadly he always seems to be naked when he’s wearing them.

Love Bomb Cushions
Purple Devil Slippers

There was a selection of mini plush key chains including Mr Poo. A couple of slightly larger clip toys. I love the cheeky monkey and his little paws that can cover his eyes or hang down. The shelf buddies are awesome too. They are emoji toys with long dangly arms and legs, arms and legs that help them sit perfectly on a shelf. So much fun.

Love Bomb Cushions
Shelf Buddies

I just think the Love Bomb Cushions add a cheeky and fun dash of brightness to any room. I’m going to have to try to claim a few of them back for myself, I quite fancy a key chain and I really want those slippers for myself. I’ll have to sneak them out of L’s room when he isn’t looking!

Love Bomb Cushions
Monkey has velcro paws

As well as playing with all the fab products we were sent, I have also been playing the Love Bomb Cushions game by New Moon Games.

You can find it in the Apple Store and it’s also available for Android devices (with a gyroscope) from the Play Store.

Love Bomb Cushions
So he can still cover his eyes

I’ve been playing the Android version and it’s a simple game that involves you popping bubbles. But by using your phone’s camara you are popping bubbles in your own rooms, garden, car. Popping bubbles wherever you happen to be.

The more you play the more coins you win and you can by Shelf Buddy emoji prizes with them. These allow you to add them in to pictures you take through the app. Think selfies with Mr Poo sat on your shoulder or the crying with laughter emoji in the corner watching.

Love Bomb Cushions
This is the bottom of Ls bed, where they all currently have to live, its amazing there is room left for him

It’s just a simple, fun and silly little game that I quite enjoy. L can play it too, as bubble popping is one of his favourite things. There are more game options coming soon which will be nice.

I really do adore our Love Bomb Cushions products. Perhaps not quite as much as L who is obsessed.

Disclosure – we were gifted our products in return for an honest review.


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