Hilary Devey New Mattress

A Love Story – Me and My New Mattress

Not long before Mother’s Day I got the best gift I could get. No not something lovingly handmade by my son, no not even gin. I in fact got offered the chance to review a brand new mattress. Not any old mattress either, one from the Hilary Devey collection.

My excitement was untrue.

Hilary Devey Mattress
My Hilary Devey Mattress

On Monday my new mattress arrived. On time as promised and regularly updated by the lovely delivery chaps, who even popped it onto the bed frame for me. A massive relief as I’d have never managed it by myself!!

It’s only been three nights but I am in love.

Hilary Devey Mattress
Lovely and thick

It is firm, it is comfortable, it is cool. It’s also physically thicker than our previous mattress meaning I am higher up and at a better level for our bedside table and no longer losing my pillow down the back of the bed.

This is not my actual review. It’s been three nights. I have a whole schedule of turning and flipping to go through to get the best out of my new mattress as it settles.

Hilary Devey Mattress
Hilary Devey Mattress

This is just a small post to say this morning I slept until 6.45am. A miracle! I didn’t wake up once. I woke feeling refreshed, with no aches or pains. This is just a small post to say, new mattress, I love you. I think you may be about to change my life. Thank you.

Hilary Devey New Mattress
Our new mattress, the cat is enjoying it too

Disclosure – I was sent my Hilary Devey mattress in return for an honest review which will follow in due course. This post was neither requested nor expected.

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