Lumie Bedbug

The Lumie Bedbug – Review

We’ve been long time fans of Lumie in this house. I have the Iris, husb has the Luxe. My desk lamp is a Lumie. We gave one to my Mother in Law. I haven’t found a product of theirs I don’t like and now they do one for kids and L has been testing it out, the Lumie Bedbug. 

Lumie Bedbug
Lumie Bedbug

Let me just start with the fact it’s about the cutest little thing I have ever seen. It’s got an adorable little face and I love the little antennae. L is pretty smitten with it too.

From a practical point of view I love that it is mains fed. Too many kids lights rely on batteries, which is a pain and ultimately results in the batteries not being replaced and it not being used.

Everything about this little clock has been well thought out. The soft touch finish is very tactile and the bug’s little rubber feet stop it from moving about. The controls are simple and also silent so you can switch in on or off without disturbing your child.

Feeling Calm
You can see it on his bedside table, he loves it

It has four basic modes, on, bright night light, dim night light and off.

The night light is a nice orange glow and L loves having this, he’s always wanted some form of light at night and this has been the one that works best for us. We have it on the lowest setting and it doesn’t disturb his sleep at all but is enough to get about during the night by.

When the light is on you can manually set its level, from bright all the way down to the night light setting. Or you can set an automatic sunset that takes 15 minutes to get down to your chosen level of nightlight or completely off.

Lumie Bedbug
Fast asleep with his Bedbug glowing away

I set the sunset function going when I have finished reading to L in the evening, so that by the time husb finishes reading (yes, we have to take it turns, so L gets two lots of books) the light is almost off.

We love the Bedbug is almost entirely white light, not the dreaded blue light that is too stimulating. The light naturally fading as we are getting him ready for bed also helps to wind him down and let him know that it is now time to sleep.

L knows how to work the Lumie Bedbug himself, so he can change the light levels himself if he needs to. This was a nightmare the first few nights when it was exciting and new, but now he’s been using it for a couple of months and it has just become part of the furniture and part of his routine. I like knowing that if he wants to turn it up for any reason he can, that’s nice for me and nice for him.

At £59.95 it’s not a cheap night light, but it’s not trying to be. It is a child’s bedside light, with sunset feature and for that it is very good money. It comes with a 3 year warranty, but it’s so well built I can’t see that you’d ever need to call upon it.

The Bedbug isn’t a clock and doesn’t have a morning alarm. So it’s not going to help keep your child in bed, but we haven’t found anything that does yet, as L just changes the settings. What this does is help you child have a good night of sleep and that means you get a good night too.

Lumie Bedbug
Side view of the Bedbug

They have managed to create a light that is both functional and appealing to children, without being too childish.  L noticed the Lumie logo almost immediately and that it is the same as his mummy and daddy have, so he really liked that, though he does like to brag that his is the cutest! I can see L happily using this for years before we need to get him his first Bodyclock.

I am so pleased we have found the Lumie Bedbug and love to see they have added it to their range. It is the perfect addition to our collection at home.

Disclosure – we were sent our Lumie Bedbug in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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