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Luxear Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket

After what seems like the longest winter ever and the never ending stop, start, stop, start spring I’m ready for some better weather. I am ready for summer. The only downside can be getting to sleep in the heat, and whilst as an adult I can make do in most situations my boy finds it really hard. That is why we are looking forward to trying out our new cooling blanket from Luxear.

It’s a thin blanket, but still has a nice weight to it. Silky soft and really large, enough to cover our king size bed, we did get the largest option though which is 200 x 220. It somehow manages to be snuggly, like you want for a blanket but without you overheating.

It has two sides, one to be cooling and it really does feel cool to the touch and one side which is 100% cotton and warm to the touch. You can see the difference between the two sides, they are slightly different shades of silvery grey and you can certainly feel the difference just with ne touch.

I’ll be honest and say we haven’t had any days since it arrived that have been warm enough to test it’s cooling capabilities to the max but as it is immediately cool to the touch and has a great look and feel, I have no reason at all to believe it will do anything other than what it describes. We’ve tried it out on the sofa, snuggling up for movie night using the warmer side and which has been nice but it’s still really cold here so have swapped back to our fluffy blanket, but this actually bodes really well for the summer and having something heavy enough feel covered but not getting too hot.

The Luxear arc-chill works by being fully breathable, using a new type of Jade based healthy textile which incorporates jade nano-particles into cool-touch polyester fiber with X-shaped cross section which wicks moisture away from the skin and absorbs body heat moving it away from you faster.

I really like the look and feel of it. Down to the lovely thick and sturdy stitched edges, it’s going to be really durable and the fact it can be machine washed on a gentle cycle!

You can purchase the Luxear arc-chill blanket from Amazon, it’s normally £39.99 for the larger size that we have and I noticed when I checked the price today it’s been reduced to £38.99 and there’s a button to claim £6 off at the checkout. If that wasn’t good enough I’ve got a 10% off voucher for you, just use J4KQAS3L at the checkout (expiry date: 15/03/2024)

Disclosure – we were gifted our blanket in return for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

2 thoughts on “Luxear Arc-Chill Cooling Blanket”

  1. Are you planning on having this arc-chill bamboo blanket in a super king size 220cm x 250cm?
    My daughter raves about her one but I cant seem to find one big enough for my bed.
    Any help would be appreciated

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