Father's Day

Make Your Father’s Day with Hobbycraft

You all know I love to craft. So what better at this time of year than to make something special for your dad ready for Father’s Day.

Father's Day
Make Father’s Day so special

If you head over to the Hobbycraft Blog they’ve got some fab ideas, including this amazing Family Tree box frame idea. It is so quick and easy, but looks amazing. It really is a great gift. Especially if you’ve got little ones who aren’t at the age to craft with you. 

I made a little twist on my family tree frame, making it for the three of us. Not just L and Daddy. Yeah, I know it is for Father’s Day but I also know he loves it, as we gave it to him last night (so at least he didn’t see about it on here first) and it has made this Dad’s week.

Father's Day
Father’s Day crafts with Hobbycraft

So what do you need? I used a wooden box frame (£4.00), some great Ombre Array papers (£5.00), a few family pics (£3.99 for 45 using Free Prints), double sided tape (£1.00), wooden letter tiles (£4.00) and La De Dah Polaroid Photo Frames(£1.80 ).

My whole project cost £20.79 and I’ve got loads of bits left over for future projects. Bargain.

Father's Day
Framing the pictures

The first thing I did was place the Polaroid Photo frames onto my own pictures and trimmed them down. The frames are self adhesive, so just stick them down and you are done. I used three pictures but it’s up to you if you only want one feature image, or even more.

Father's Day
Coming up with my family tree

Then I picked through all the letters and worked out how I was going to place them together, board game style.

With the Ombre Array papers, you get a book filled with options, you will need four sheets and I went for all of the plain yellow to dark yellow ones.

Father's Day
Ombre Ombre

I arranged them onto the display sheet of paper that comes in the frame. Choosing to go from light to dark from the centre out. I then taped them down and trimmed to size. You don’t have to worry too much about the edges being neat as these are covered by the frame. I was a neat as I could be with the paper joins, though most of these are then covered with pictures or tiles.

If you are worried about the overall look, don’t use the Ombre Array papers, pick a thin piece of coloured or patterned card that you just need to cut to size.

Father's Day
Checking everything fits

I then placed everything onto my background, jut checking the placement of the pictures and the letters. I didn’t want L’s face covered or anything. When I was happy I used the double sided tape to secure the pictures.

Father's Day
Securing the pictures

I then reassembled all the letters, again checking I was happy. These have self adhesive glue dots on the back, so I got pealing and sticking.

My final step was to reassemble the frame. I love it, husb loves it and L just thinks he’s famous 🙂

Father's Day

It took me around an hour to make, and I was taking pictures as I went. It is certainly suitable for newbie crafters and seasoned crafters alike.

If you are interested in using Free Prints for your pictures, it’s a free app available on iOS and Android, you get 45 free prints a month only having to pay P&P and if you quote bstebbings1 you’ll get an additional 5 bonus prints.

Disclosure – I was sent everything I needed to create this gift. All opinions are my own.

Dear Bear and Beany

6 thoughts on “Make Your Father’s Day with Hobbycraft”

  1. I love these wooden box frames, I did one for my hubby a few years ago with baby things in it from the boys. It is such a nice idea for a keepsake. x

  2. I Love this idea. It looks really good and something that I know a lot of people would happily display in their house. I might get my girls to make this for their dad’s birthday next month. Thank you for joining us at #CraftyCorner

    1. I was so impressed with how this turned out. It looks professional but was so easy to make. It would be a great birthday present, let me know if you make it, I’d love to see xx

  3. I love these wooden box frames. I’ve used them to house my girls’ baby things but I love this use too. #CraftyCorner

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