Craft & Crumb Easter Biscuit Making Kit

Make Your Own Easter Biscuits with Craft & Crumb

L and I love to get in the kitchen and bake together. Neither of us are very good but we enjoy it. With Easter on the horizon we’ve both got that Spring feeling so when we saw the Craft & Crumb Easter Biscuit Making Kit we had to give it a go.

Craft & Crumb  have a range of baking kits which can all be sent through the post. With kits like Pizza Biscuits, Popcorn Cake and Sweetie Jewellery you’ll find the perfect kit for any occasion and if you can’t choose, why not try out the monthly subscription box.

Craft and Crumb’s mixes allow children (and adults) to unleash their inner baker thanks to a variety of innovative kits that are convenient, user-friendly, but most of all, taste delicious. They come with everything you need and it’s more than just the baking there are often crafts involved as well.

Our Easter Biscuit Making Kit costs £19.99 and comes with everything you need to make and ice your biscuits and a kit to make your own Easter egg hunt.

It is beautifully packaged, a real treat to unpack with layers of surprises. There is the biscuit mix which you just need to add an egg and butter too, both of which we have in the house at all times. You also get the egg shaped cookie cutter. Then you get the icing sugar, piping bags and food colours as well as two packs of sprinkles. Obviously there are easy to follow instructions too.

Craft & Crumb Easter Biscuit Making Kit
These are the biscuits Craft & Crumb made (Image from Craft & Crumb)

On top of the baking side of things there is also the egg hunt kit ready for you to cut out and attach to the included lolly sticks. With a lovely bunny telling you to hop this way and plenty of this way and that way arrows you’ll be sure to have a great egg hunt. We’re saving our egg hunt for Easter, the same cannot be said for the biscuits. L was so excited we made them as an after school treat, something to look forward to now he’s not at home all the time.

Iced biscuits
These are our iced Easter Egg biscuits!! They tasted amazing.

Making the biscuits was super easy and L loved the rolling and the cutting. He thoroughly enjoyed the decorating too, I will be honest and say our biscuits did not turn out as beautifully as those shown in the pictures! Give a 7 year old a piping bag and expect chaos! They tasted great though and L had so much fun it doesn’t matter.

I would definitely get a Craft & Crumb kit again. It’s been so much fun and it was really easy as they had done all the hard work for me. I love the idea of the party kits they do, so I’ll be keeping that in mind for later in the year when L’s birthday rolls round and the subscription boxes are pulling at me too!

Disclosure – we were gifted our Craft & Crumb Easter Biscuit Making Kit. All thoughts, opinions and images (unless otherwise stated) are my own.

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