Makerly January

Makerly Craft Box – January

I do enjoy the chance to craft and I also love the surprise offered by a subscription box. Not knowing what you’ll get, the fun of unwrapping it, then a little project to complete. So exciting. That is exactly what you get with Makerly.

Makerly January
I really enjoyed the January Rag Rug Kit

When January’s box arrived I was really excited, a heart shaped rag rugging craft, plus an extra little Valentine’s Card to make, as well as some beads just as a little treat!! I actually got started on it pretty quickly, L was desperate to give it a go, but for many reasons, not least of which was the fact we have all been ill I have only just finished it!!

Makerly January
You get everything you need as usual

Inside the box was:

  • Jersey fabric in various colours
  • Hessian (and plenty of it!)
  • Pattern
  • Marker Pen
  • Scissors
  • Plastic needles
  • Fabric latch hook
  • Instructions
  • Valentine’s Card Kit
  • Heart beads

You do not need anything else to complete this project, it comes with literally everything, even a new pair of scissors! For the little card kit that they added in as an extra you only need to add glue.

Makerly January
This was a really tactile project and my son loved helping me

The first thing I did was prepare the fabric, it took some time cutting it all up ready to go. Remember to leave a long strip of the white to finish off the project, I forgot and had to use some ribbon from my craft stash! Also be careful with the size you cut, despite the instructions clearly telling me what to do I was distracted by the child, cut all my fabric a bit too large and ran out fairly quickly. It was easily fixed by going back and halving the pieces though!

Makerly January
The back looked so neat and pretty, almost as pleasing as the front!

Whilst I have never made a rag rug before the method is simple and exactly like a latch and hook wool rug I made for L’s room before he was born. To be fair, it wasn;t for his room when I started it but it was such a huge project and I was such a huge pregnant woman by the time it was finished that was where it ended up! This meant the technique was very familiar to me and I was able to whizz through making the gorgeous little heart.

Stitching the backing panel on was the most fiddly part, making sure the hessian was all tucked in neatly on itself and the shape followed round nicely to some concentration and was a bit fiddly at points.

Makerly January
Probably need to trim a few bits, but I’m so pleased with the finished heart

I actually added a hanging loop to my finished heart and have displayed it on my living room door. I had left a hook up from Chirstmas as I had a wreath hanging from it, I own several wreaths, oops, so had them dotted about the house as well as the traditional front door display. When I packed everything away from Christmas I left that hook thinking to myself it would be lovely to make a spring wreath to have indoors and just add a dash of colour to the place, turns out this was perfect and can stay up all year.

The instructions are brilliant, as always, take the time to read them before you start so you have everything you need prepared. As I mentioned above, if you don’t pay attention and allow yourself to be distracted it’s easy to get in a muddle, even though it is so simple!

Makerly January
I got to make a cute card as well, bonus!

I made my valentine’s card up too, it was lovely to have a little set with all the pre-cut papers hearts and stamped jar. A quick and easy project that you can have completed in five minutes and even the youngest kids can help with, if you let them.

I was going to do something creative with the beads, but as often happens with beads and buttons I can’t bring myself to do anything with them other than add them to my collection. It;s odd I know, but they bring me a great amount of pleasure and I always know I’ll have the perfect embellishment for a project when it pops up.

Makerly January
I love it hanging on my door

If you fancy subscribing to Makerly, and quite honestly if you love to craft why wouldn’t you, just pop over to their website where they have several gift and personal subscription offers starting at £13.33 a month. A bargain considering everything you get!

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Disclosure – I was gifted my box in return for an honest review, all opinions, thoughts and images are my own.

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