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Making Painting a Doddle

I little while ago I was approached by Lakeland to review one of the amazing products they stock, Doddle Bags. We were completely won over and you can read why here.

Not long after the review, Nadine, the creator of Doddle Bags got in touch to say thanks and sent us a lovely gift of paints, canvas’s and more Doddle Bags with the paint brush attachments.

Ready to paint with Doddle Bags
Ready to paint with Doddle Bags

Using Doddle Bags

We love painting with Doddle Bags. They are really easy for L to hold and use. They also make cleaning up quicker and easier.

You simply fill and seal your Doddle Bag with paint. Then when you are ready to use them swap the cap for a paint brush. The kids squeeze the paint straight out through the brush ready to use. Afterwards you pop the cap back on and rinse out the brush.

Happy Painting
Happy Painting

The bags stop any drips, they stand upright so are easy to store and of course stop the paint form drying out.

You can mix different colours in the bags to keep. Add in glitter, glue, water, whatever you need for your project. There is so much less mess to worry about, it makes a toddler craft project far less of a chore.

I turned my back for a minute
I turned my back for a minute

Toddlers can make a mess of anything

That being said, if you leave your toddler alone to paint for a few minutes whilst you answer an email then chaos will ensue. Because, you know what, it’s still really good fun to paint with your hands and feet!!

Despite what the pictures will lead you to believe it was still really easy to clean up afterwards.

What me
What me

The child was popped in the shower, fully clothed, wriggling, giggling and so painty. Once he was stripped off and washed and the clothes were in the washing machine all I had to do was rinse off the outside of the Doddle Bags and clean the brushes. Done.

We really love our Doddle Bags and I’d definitely suggest checking them out.

Just making sure here's enough on my hands
Just making sure here’s enough on my hands

Disclosure – we were sent our Doddle Bags and paint as a gift, I was in no way expected to write this article, I just wanted to share our fun.

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