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Mål Paper – Daily Goal Setter

It’s no secret that I love a good list. Planning makes me happy and my love for stationery sits nicely right alongside that. I have to do lists in all shapes and sizes, notepads, jotters, and an amazing planner that I just adore. But I was missing something on the day to day front, which is where Mål Paper come in.

Mål Paper

When they got in touch to see if I would review their new Daily Goal Setter I took one look and could see immediately how it would help me.

It’s simple, beautiful and practical.

For me it is just perfect as it is nicer and more organised than writing my daily to do list on whatever sheet of paper or listpad I have about because it also has weekly lists and sections for long, medium and short term goals.

It works perfectly alongside my existing planner which covers all aspects of my life, meal planning, financials and is also an actual diary but this is all at a very high level. So in my planner I still have my monthly plans and jot down what needs to be done for the entire month. I can then transfer this over into my daily planner and break it down by day, with actual space to add in everything that has to happen that day which just wouldn’t make it into the planner. You know, the nitty gritty things like going to the post office and cleaning the toilet, not just the blog jobs and school trips.

Mål Paper

It allows me to easily prioritise what needs to be done and when and has some great explanations at the beginning about different ways to effectively organise your time.

I was also really happy to find some great mindfulness features, so it really does work with my ethos and how I like to keep a gratitude journal and really think about what is going on around me. Everyday you start by writing down three things to be grateful for, something I have been practising for years now. This is then followed by a daily affirmation for you to set for yourself, something I know I should do but don’t always. You the round up the day by rating it on a scale of 1 to 10 and jotting down something great that happened that day.

I love that you start and end the day on a positive note, regardless of if you completed your to do list for that day or not.

It has helped me manage my time better as I’m having to think more about the time I actually have available to me and what actually has to be done and what can wait. School run has to happen, cleaning the kitchen can actually wait.

I love it! It’s available in three colours from www.malpaper.com and costs £20.95 it has 6 months worth of planning inside it’s lovely covers.

Disclosure – I was gifted my planner in return for this review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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