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Manuscript Pens – Review

I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point Christmas has become an organisational nightmare. With childcare to arrange, gifts to source and wrap, food to buy, relatives to see, posting dates, charity jumper days, school fayres and plays plus a million other little things to get done, a to do list just doesn’t cut it.

Manuscript pens

I started to find it all a bit grey if I’m honest. Sure, I was organised, everything was getting done, but at the cost of my normal festive spirit. Surely there was a way I could do it better!?

So I turned, as I often do in times of stress, to stationery. Pen and paper. My organisation would at least be bright and pretty and a joy to create and use. Creating my lists and calendars helped to calm me and was a fun and festive experience. Using the, just makes me smile.

Manuscript pens

Using the gorgeous Callicreative Duotip pens from Manuscript allowed me a great choice of ten colours, with a classic fine tip for detail and a firm 3mm chisel tip for an italic flair mae them perfect for lettering, colouring and drawing.

They are a pleasure to use and I was able to create exactly what I wanted, they’ve been great for a bit of colour when I was writing all the Christmas cards out too.

Manuscript pens

The Christmas cards have been mainly written using another great Manuscript pen. The Curve Calligraphy pen comes with three nibs that are easily changed. I love writing with a fountain pen anyway, I find it very satisfying and I love the finish. Having the different nibs so I can get a bit creative and practise some calligraphy is a lovely option.

I have loved using these products and they have helped bring some joy back to the pre-Christmas hustle.

Manuscript pens

Disclosure – I was gifted my products in return for the review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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