March Crafts

I love to craft, really love it, but like many of my hobbies it has been put on the back burner since becoming a mum. Just like reading, looking presentable and using the bathroom by myself.

I’m lucky enough that I get to work with Baker Ross regularly so I’m never out of fun crafts to do with the boy and I also make things for the Hobbycraft blog quite often, every now and then I get asked to things for other companies as well. I relish these opportunities as it means I get to do something I love, but it’s never just for me, which I miss. 

So I joined in with #CraftNight hosted by the wonderful New Mummy Blog and I’ve been spending Thursday evenings just doing my own thing which I love and I’m eternally grateful for as without her I’d have never done it and it turns out I really needed it. It is a guaranteed one night off work a week, hurrah!

So my crafts for March, well I’ve done a few fun bits with Baker Ross, check out my post and fun Easter Egg hunt that I did with L here. I’ve also been working on my cross stitch, anyone who knows me will recognise it as I’ve been working on it on and off for at least 5 years, quite potentially more, but I’m very easily distracted so will stop it for ages whilst I do something else. #CraftNight will see me finish it though!!

My #CraftNight Cross Stitch
My #CraftNight Cross Stitch

Let’s look forward to a Crafty April!!

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