May means Martini with Demijohn

It’s great British Martini time this May. So perfect timing as Demijohn launch the only Dry Vermouth produced in Scotland. As the key ingredient for the classic Dry Martini cocktail, Demijohn are happy to introduce this one to their shelves.

I love Demijohn. They source unusual, delicious artisan liqueurs, spirits, oils and vinegar from around the UK and Europe and sell them in a wide range of reusable glass bottles.

I have several of these bottles on display in my kitchen. It’s great that each bottle can have a free personalised message added, making it really special. Not to mention that gift wrapping is also available.

Demijohn Dry Vermouth

Made near Edinburgh by two passionate Scotsmen. Demijohn’s Dry Vermouth is made using 24 British herbs. It’s crisp fresh taste makes it the ideal spring drink.

It is so perfect enjoyed with ice, soda water and a twist of lemon. Or enjoy it classic James Bond style as a Demijohn Sloe Gin Martini cocktail. You mix 2 parts Sloe Gin, 2 parts Demijohnnie Gin to 1 part Dry British Vermouth. Chill your Martini glass while you shake the ingredients together with ice. Strain into the chilled glass and garnish with a twist of tangerine. As a handmade drink it has a very superior taste to large scale commercial Vermouths.

So why not enjoy a Demijohn cocktail

It is so delicious. I have tried a small bottle and really enjoyed it with ice and soda water. Very fragrant, with a delicate and enjoyable flavour it is too drinkable.

Dry Vermouth first came to the British shores with the Romans. Roman Wermod is now known as Vermouth. Demijohn’s Dry Vermouth is created using 24 hand grown herbs. It is infused in a British wine and becomes Dry Vermouth.

Artisan Vermouth is fast becoming a ‘hot’ new drink in hip bars as drinkers like to sip on something rather unusual from Roman and Elizabethan times. As a complex drink it has so many serving options and is a great addition to cocktails. With Demijohn you benefit by being able to choose your size of bottle so you get perfect amount for Martini cocktails.

Demijohn’s Dry Vermouth is just available from the Demijohn shops and online priced at £6.80/100ml.

Make sure you have the hip Bond style this spring with May’s Martini Month.


Disclosure – this is a collaborative post

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