Mega Bounce XL

Mega Bounce XL from Wicked Vision

What could be better than a ball nearly as big as you are? Not much as far as L is concerned. Making it super bouncy, kind of noisy and ready for some rough and tumble helps of course. Well that is essentially what Mega Bounce XL from Wicked Vision does.

Mega Bounce XL
Our Mega Bounce XL

The Mega Bounce has been an immediate hit. L loves it. Husb loves it. Even our neighbour likes it, there’s no way that’s going over the fence and if it somehow managed it she would know exactly where it came from.

Mega Bounce XL
He was happy the second he saw the box

The Mega Bounce comes boxed up with a foot pump to inflate it, several of the special no leak stoppers and a measuring strip so you can inflate it to the perfect level. Which is a whopping 210cm circumference. Flipping huge!

Mega Bounce XL
What you get in the box

It took me a fair while to inflate it, only to find it only just fitted through the living room door. So my first tip would be to inflate it outdoors. My second tip would be to get someone else to do it for you.

Mega Bounce XL
Yep, that’s our hallway, filled with a ball

We’ve not had much luck with our Mega Bounce XL Balls. L’s first ball had a slow leak somewhere and wouldn’t stay inflated fully. Always going down to a certain level before sitting steady. This hasn’t stopped L from loving it but has obviously affected the bounciness. Wicked Vision were great though and straight away got a new one sent out. Love it when you get great customer service.

Mega Bounce XL
You get a measuring strip to help you inflate it to the correct level

The second ball was just perfect. Massive. Bouncy. So much fun. L loves when you bounce it, it makes a really good boom sound.

It all went wrong when he barreled it into one of our larger and very well established rose bushes at force. Straight away popping it on the thick thorns. At least it protected L though.

Mega Bounce XL
He loves it so much!

Despite this I still think they are really sturdy balls. L plays hard and all the stones, brambles and branches in the garden haven’t left a mark. It was just unfortunate how he got the rose bush. Had he not run into the ball and landed with some force the thorns wouldn’t have made a difference. Had it been one of the smaller roses bushes, again the thorns would have had no effect. Just a real shame he popped it.

He still loves his remaining, slightly under inflated Mega Bounce XL though. It’s one of the best garden toys we’ve got. Great fun.

Mega Bounce XL
Seriously good fun

Disclosure – we received our Mega Bounce XL in exchange for an honest review.

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