piccolo Might Oaty Bars

Might Oaty Bars from Piccolo

Piccolo have added a new Mighty Oaty Bar to their existing snack range. The new Banana & Cocoa Bar is designed for parents looking for healthy snacks that meet school standards. We’ve been trying them out.

Made using organic balanced ingredients, with no added salt, sugar, or palm oil, the bars are both delicious and nutritious. With the addition of soft textured multi-grains and inulin, a prebiotic fibre, the bars support little ones’ digestive and gut health development and help to keep their tummies full during their daily activities.

piccolo Might Oaty Bars

The packaging is fun and bright and they are a nice size for a snack. Now I’ll be honest, L and I did not like them but my niece who is a fair bit younger really does enjoy them. For L who is now used to standard flapjacks and snacks they just weren’t sweet enough, he’s also not a massive fan of chocolate at the moment. However, my little niece is two and they were perfect for her, she really enjoys them and they made a great snack on a recent day out. They kept her going for a good length of time, nice and filling and she was very happy.

She liked the banana and cocoa flavour a lot, it’s a good combination. We like how easy they are to sling in a bag as a snack and love that they meet school lunch box standards which can be tricky to navigate. It’s one thing finding things that are lunch box approved, but another finding one that the kids enjoy and whilst this may not help me come September it will help my sister as her little girl is starting preschool a few days a week and will need a packed lunch.

I’m hoping that L will be happy with a sandwich, carrot sticks and an apple!

Disclosure- we were gifted our Oaty Bars from Piccolo. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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