MiniMaster Football

MiniMaster Football – Game Review

MiniMaster Football was recently showcased on ITV’s This Morning as one of the top toys to look out for in 2018 following their launch at Toy Fair, so of L and Husb were eager to try out. To be fair I’m not sure which one was more excited.

MiniMaster Football

MiniMaster Football is a challenging game which combines skill, tactics & a chance to re-create the drama and excitement of “the beautiful game”.

There are several things about this game I really like and a few I really do not.

I shall start with the things I don’t like.

MiniMaster Football
There is a lot to store

It is big and a complete nightmare to store, you really need to keep the box it comes with and if your child destroyed it in the excitement to get in there, well then you are in a real pickle. There are a lot of parts, some large and some tiny. This game takes up space, no two ways about it.

MiniMaster Football
Look at him giving it a go

It’s not all that easy to use. It really is a game of skill, even getting used to it takes skill. Once you have got the knack it’s fun and you can ‘kick’ the ball up to 4 metres, but this is not an easy game. Aimed at ages 8 yrs plus I was always aware L may not get the actual game side of things, but he really struggles to use it at all. The age guide on this is actually very accurate, I really wouldn’t bother with younger children.

There are a lot more things I do like though, so here we go.

MiniMaster Football
So many different levels you can play at

There are loads of different levels to the game and different ways to play. Do you go for the penalty shoot out, cross bar challenge or free kicks? You can use the sight guide on the playing wand to help, or not if you want the challenge. You can have the net free and open, pop a team of players in front, add the scoring net or combine the two Then there is the spinner to make gameplay even more interesting.

MiniMaster Football
I like that you can paint him in your team’s colours

The footballer can be customised with a bit of paint, so you can paint your team colours on. In order to offer a comprehensive range of paints which fulfills every imaginable kit color combination MiniMaster have partnered with Humbrol, the UK’s leading supplier of modelling paints, and recommend the use of their Acrylic Matt Paints for best results.

MiniMaster Football
It was really easy to get set up

You can display the footballer on his own stand when not in use, which is nice if you’ve gone to all the effort of painting him.

They didn’t mess around with spare balls and include loads in the box. As they are essentially ping pong balls, you know they are light and are going to go missing or get stood on, so I think it’s great they include several.

MiniMaster Football
This is my level, open net, free kick!!

It’s easy to set up and get going and the rules are well written and simple to follow.

I would say overall this isn’t a game for us, mainly die to the space and storage issues but that being said there are lot more things I like about it than I didn’t. It’s just a shame storage space is at a premium in our house. If we had a playroom or similar are for all the toys L has collected it would be a different story.

MiniMaster Football
An instant hit but he really couldn’t do it!

RRP £34.95

Disclosure – I was gifted our game in exchange for an honest review.

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