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Easy ways to save money on your summer holiday

Brought to you by paid survey platform, Curious Cat App, which is here to help you save some money during your summer holidays.

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Arrange your own day trips to tourist spots

Whether you’re able to get abroad this summer or take a trip to one of the UK’s summer hotspots, arranging your own trips to tourist spots can save you a great deal of money. Commercially run coaches to landmarks and popular holiday locations often cost way more than booking your own travel to the same location on regular public transport, so be sure to check out all your options (whether that be by train, bus, or on foot) when it comes to hotspots to avoid falling into overpriced
tourist traps.

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Look at Airbnb’s and apartment rentals that allow for self-catering instead of hotels

Staying in apartments with a kitchen that allows you to self-cater means you can do a grocery shop and cook your own meals whilst on holiday, instead of eating out at hotels every night where you can easily rack up a large bill and often feel pressure to tip. Self-catered accommodation also means you can make packed lunches to take out on your day trips and keep them in the fridge, meaning you don’t even have to wait to find a table when you’re hungry and can enjoy your lunch from wherever you want to, amidst the hustle and bustle of the city or right along the seafront. If you still want to enjoy the fun buzz of a holiday restaurant, why not choose a couple of days to go out for dessert or an afternoon coffee, so you can still experience the atmosphere without the stress of the cost of a full meal.

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Book flights at the weekend

If you’re lucky enough to be flying abroad this year, be sure to book your flights in advance as possible, and also avoid booking on weekdays and book over the weekend instead. A report from Expedia and the Airlines Reporting Corporation found that Sunday is the best day to book cheap
flights, whether that be domestic or international, with savings reportedly varying between 15-20% when booking on a Sunday instead of on a Friday or Monday.

Even if you’re sticking to the UK and your holiday doesn’t get much further than sunbathing in your garden, you can even save whilst doing so with Curious Cat App, which allows you to complete quick hassle-free surveys from your phone at any time of the day in exchange for cash. So whether you’re looking for something to do as you chill out in the sun, standing in line for the ice cream van or waiting for the kids to wake up in the morning before you head out for a day in the sun, you can put your time to good use with Curious Cat App.

About Curious Cat App

UK based, Curious Cat App was founded in 2017, by cat-loving tech mavericks, who worked for several years in the survey app industry. The founders wanted a better way to help companies get survey answers and consumers engage with the brands and be rewarded in doing so. Curious Cat App was born, built on a foundation of honesty, fun and knowledge.

With over 1.5 million downloads to date and available in 17 countries, the app allows consumers to earn points by answering and completing simple surveys on their mobile and receive cash in return. After all, it’s
your views and time that matter.

I downloaded the app myself and it literally took 2 minutes to get it all set up and within 20 minutes I had enough points to cash out my first £1. I’m going to let my kitty grow a bit before cashing out but I liked that it’s clear upfront how long a survey will take and what you will get for it. I’m also loving the low payout threshold, I’m no stranger to a survey site, but it’s frustrating having to get £10 and sometimes more before you see your money and I’ve often just given up. Curious Cat App is just so much easier and will be my go to from now on.

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Disclosure – I have not been paid for sharing this content but Curious Cat App did send me a lovely mug and some lovely English Breakfast Tea so I could see how much I could add to the Kitty in the time it took to drink a cuppa.


  1. Nice tips to save money while traveling. This summer, I have planned to explore Melbourne city. I will definitely try these tips so that I can enjoy these vacations within my budget.

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