Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day 2020

It’s Mother’s Day this week and thanks to a ridiculous schedule, not feeling myself and a million other little things I am woefully unprepared. So I’ve put together a little gift guide of things that are thoughtful, useful and a little luxurious for all the Mum’s who are feeling overwhelmed just like me.

Feeling Calm


A bit of a cliche but I would be so happy with a nice bottle of gin. I would be even happier if someone treated me to an extra month of my Craft Gin Club subscription! I pay to have mine every other month so an extra one would be lush, imagine getting someone a box if they hadn’t had one before!

It’s great value too, not just a delicious bottle of gin, but mixers, garnishes, snacks and even a magazine too. I’ve been a member ever since I reviewed a box ages ago.

Tesalate Bohemian Towel for Two
Tesalate Bohemian Towel for Two

Beach Towel

We’re off on holiday in May and quite typically everyone has their own beach towels apart from me. Sound familiar? Always making sure everyone else is sorted and forgetting about yourself! Well I was recently sent a sand free beach towel from Tesalate and it’s amazing.

I’ve got the Bohemian Towel for Two, it’s certainly on the more expensive side at £79 I’d never treat myself but I’m so glad I’ve got it as it’s worth every penny. Big enough for us all, lightweight and fast drying. Plus it really doesn’t hold the sand at all! A real treat.

Feeling Calm
Beautiful Cambridge


Last year for Mother’s Day I went to Cambridge with a friend of mine. 

We had the best weekend not worrying about laundry, kids homework or our spouses and children! It may sound awful but the best thing about that Mother’s Day was the time. The time away to just be me and not mum was priceless. The beauty of it is it could be anything, just an hour to have a bath that is actually hot, doesn’t involve 3 billion squirty toys and has zero interruptions. Time for a solo walk, to read a book or to just watch Netflix. Time is really valuable and really appreciated. 

Red Letter Days Blissful Spa Day for Two
Red Letter Days Blissful Spa


A spa day is such a great treat, I went on one using Red Letter Days last year. It was lovely and so affordable. 

This year I’ve saved up vouchers it’d been given for a local spa for Christmas and my birthday so I’ll book myself in for a little treat. Maybe a facial or a back massage. I like that I’ve got choice over when and how to use them, so vouchers are a great idea. 

Turtle Bay
Daiquiri Time at Turtle Bay


Either cook for Mum at home or take her to a nice restaurant. 

I like not having to plan and cook every single meal, even taking one out of the weekly equation helps. I really love not having to wash up afterwards too! 

Vouchers for a favourite restaurant make a lovely gift as well. I got Turtle Bay gift vouchers one year and it was a lovely treat to be able to pick what I wanted and not worry too much about the bill at the end. 

Disclosure – I have been gifted some of the items in this guide, either for me to consider for inclusion this Mother’s Day or in the past for other occasions. I have only included things I genuinely would love for Mother’s Day and have been under no obligation to do so. The post also includes affiliate links.

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