Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It’s not long until Mother’s Day on 31st March so I’ve pulled together a few items that would make lovely gifts. Hopefully you’ll get some inspiration.

Gold Kindle Oasis, front, £259.99

For the mum who loves to read why not treat her to a Kindle Oasis in Gold, it’s simply the prettiest e-reader I’ve ever seen. It does everything you would expect from a Kindle but it does it in style! Waterproof and complete with Audible and 32gb of memory it’s perfect for any occasion. Find it for £259.99 and give her the treat she deserves.

The O2

For something truly unforgettable why not celebrate with a unique climbing experience Up at The O2.

Take the breathtaking climb over the famous walkway, leading to remarkable views across the capital, with a 90-minute guided experience. You can even celebrate with a glass if Champagne Lanson at the top and I think you’d have to make the most of the experience with a professional photo to mark the occasion.

Choose a Sunset or Twilight Climb and take in the capital’s cityscape lit up by thousands of lights. Your mum will feel like the star of the show 52 metres above the arena that has played host to world famous stars. We’ve seen Bon Jovi, Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy there and it’s a place of many happy memories for us, this could be one for you.

Prices start from £30, with Champagne Lanson £7.50 per person.

Pure Leaf Matcha Tea

I often find myself saying all I’d like is time for a hot cup of tea, so in my mind that makes a great Mother’s Day gift and Pure Leaf Matcha Teas are rather special. It’s the matcha for people who don’t like matcha, full of taste a so smooth.

Made from shade grown Japanese tea leaves, the new range from Pure Leaf is hand-picked from tea gardens in Kagoshima. The distinctive nature of matcha means that the leaves are finely ground, suspended in liquid to form a tea and then ingested, instead of brewed and discarded. Because the whole leaf is eaten, matcha delivers a much stronger potency than a regular cup of green tea.

Available in pre-portioned wrapped sachets so you can enjoy a perfectly portioned cup of matcha every time without needing to measure and avoids any wastage and over-dosing – helpful for a rare tea that costs more than silver to source! With Pure Leaf’s portable little pouches you can enjoy matcha teas and lattes on the go.

The Book of Mum

I’m all for wonderfully personalised gifts for Mother’s Day and nothing says thank you mum more than an entire book about her! I came across The Book of Everyone for Valentine’s Day when I got a wonderful book made up for my husband. So I wondered if they did something similar for Mums and they do!!

The Book of Mum is a fabulous book that celebrates everything that makes your mum, your mum! You can personalise her story so the book is as unique as she is and it will be something that is treasured forever.

We love these books and highly recommend them!

Guylian for Mother's day

Chocolate is always a classic gift and certainly well received in this household. I do love a good box of chocolates and whilst I’ll accept most things, for Mother’s Day I think it is nice to make sure it is indeed a good box of chocolates!

For a real treat, Guylian has created Master’s Selection, a new assortment of 30 mini pralines in 10 delectable flavours, collected in a beautiful gift box. Discover flavours like Coffee-Cardamom, Ginger-Lime or Caramel with Costa Rican pineapple. Fine ingredients like golden berry or zest of lemon decorate each praline to complete the taste sensation.

Now that certainly is a bit special.

Sous chef Ramen bowl set

If your mum loves to cook then Sous Chef have a wide range of amazing gifts that are sure to suit. For something a bit different and the excuse to eat many, many bowls of Ramen I am loving the Yukishino Ramen Bowl Set.

The gorgeous set contains two Yukishino ramen bowls, two ramen ladles, and a full colour ramen recipe booklet. All packed together in a reusable drawstring cotton gift bag, which is a bit sparkly and super cute in it’s own right. Mainly however the bowls are just stunning and are the kind of thing that make me happy every time I open the cupboard and see them.

The full-colour ramen recipe booklet gives you a brief introduction to Japanese ramen. You’ll have all the recipes at your fingertips to become a ramen expert at home!

Walkmaxx JML Direct

For anyone who reads my blog regularly you’ll know one of my absolute favourite things to do is walk. I walk and walk and walk, it gives me such a sense of calm as well as being generally great for me. Chatting to the other mums at the school gate many of them love it too.

So something that is going to make a great gift are new trainers, the Walkmaxx Blackfit from JML Direct are not only really comfortable and come with both standard laces and elastic laces so you can pull them on quickly and easily (love these!), they look good too. The plain black goes with anything.

Best of all they are designed to add extra resistance to your walk, so without even trying you are getting a little mini workout every time you wear them. With rounded soles, plenty of padding and designed to stretch to fit width wise it is like walking with pillows on your feet.

Speck Phone Cases

As a mum exactly how many memories are stored in your phone? I have over ten years worth of photos on mine, OK most are backed up and safe but on any given day I may have added 20, 50 even 100 new pictures.

Like many people my phone has become a lifeline and it deserves protecting. There are lots of things you can do to keep your precious memories safe and your phone ready for use. Cloud storage, phone insurance and other options are all important but the first line of protection is always a good case! It’s simple but true.

I have been using the cases from Speck. My Note 8 case is Military Grade and drop tested from 8 ft, it’s clean and not too chunky, the perfect protection. I’d also consider getting your mum a Grab Tab, a simple idea that makes your phone easy to hold, especially if she’s trying to grab a selfie with one hand and is fab for watching movies with.

Romney Marsh Wools Produced in Kent

Produced in Kent is an organisation dedicated to supporting & promoting food, drink and crafts made in Kent and they have a lot of wonderful gift ideas.

Like this Romney Marsh Wool Natural Set. Family farmers from Kent who use the Lanolin from the wool of the Romney Ewes to create these wonderfully moisturising natural products.

Or you could opt for Fudge Kitchen’s  Cherry Bakewell Caramels that are so yummy it’s hard to describe! Smooth, almondy caramel, smothered in milk chocolate with a cherry on top!


So Bomb DIY from Canal Toys is the perfect way to get creative with the kids and for them to make their own Mother’s Day gifts.

Whilst as a mum I love anything my son makes me, the stick I got with a string tied round it yesterday is not high on my wish list. Sorry, did I say a sick with a string tied round it, I meant carefully crafted and oh so obvious dog.

The So Bomb DIY kits allow kids to easily make brilliant, bright and colourful bath bombs that smell delicious and all in just 30 minutes.

Disclosure – I have been sent a selection of items to consider for Mother’s Day Coverage. I have only recommended those I truly would buy myself. Images are stock, bar the O2, that was from my last visit.

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