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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Mother’s Day is coming. Last year saw us mums celebrate during the 1st weekend of lockdown number one. It seemed ok, and we had a little laugh about the restaurant gift vouchers we received and couldn’t use and had no idea that the promised spa day would be so very away. 

This year it looks like it will be more of the same, potentially a socially distanced walk could be on the cards, but who really knows! So I feel like it’s wise to plan gifts assuming we will not actually be able to see one another and I certainly won’t be able to repeat the heavenly year I went away with a friend for Mother’s Day and we left our children at home

So here are a few of my picks for celebrating another locked down Mother’s Day.

Love Leggings Jeggings

Love Leggings

I’ve been a big fan of Love Leggings for quite some time now. They make great fitting and super comfortable leggings that don’t thin or go see through. With a range of fits from petite to extra tall, high waist, low waist, maternity, full length and cropped. You’re sure to be able to find the ones you love. I’ve recently discovered their Jeggings and they are amazing. The perfect Mother’s Day gift for during a lockdown, super comfy for all that time indoors but also smart enough that you can pretend you’re going out! 

Prices from £25.00 Purchase from

Afternoon Tea from Piglets Pantry Buyagift


As you would expect Buyagift have so many great experiences you can choose from and if you go down the holiday, spa day, meal out or any other type of experience voucher you know the recipient will have 20 months to use the voucher and even have the chance to swap the voucher if they don’t actually like it. I love the afternoon tea options from Piglet’s Pantry, a delicious meal delivered for your mum to enjoy. The perfect treat to send them so they know you’re thinking of them and they get to choose the date it gets delivered to suit them.

Prices from £25.00 Purchase from

Cadbury Mother's Day Gift Hamper


Nothing says Happy Mother’s Day like a good bar of chocolate. Apart from maybe lots of bars of chocolate, especially ones that actually say Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you Cadbury and your yummy, scrummy hampers of goodness. There are a lovely selection of gift boxes to choose from, at a variety of prices and you get them mailed directly to your mum. It’s a real treat to receive and a very thoughtful gift for the chocoholic mum’s! I like the Mother’s Day Gift box with a large bar of Dairy Milk, box of Roses, milk tray, dark milk bars, a bag of single serve bars and more. Beautifully presented and enough chocolate to get through the rest of lockdown!

Prices from £10 Purchase from

Rubies in the rUbble products

Rubies in the Rubble

Rubies in the Rubble make condiments that save delicious ingredients that would usually be rejected by others in the supply chain (simply for being the wrong shape, size or surplus to demand)! Their relish gift set features 3 of their favourite chutneys, and every box saves 8 onions, 1 apple and 1 pear from going to waste. It’s the perfect gift to send to a food loving mumma, especially if you arrange for some crackers and cheeses to be sent as well! The chutneys are absolutely delicious and the gift set is so nicely packaged it feels like a real treat. Less gifty, but still a delicious treat is their new garlic mayo, oh my word, yum you would never know it’s vegan! So if you’re thinking about creating a little food hamper, look no further. 

Prices from £2.99 Purchase from

VEX Gift Certificate

VEX Gift Certificate

A gift voucher is always a classic gift and whilst often thought of as a bit of a cop out, I love them, providing they’re for the right store! For me they’re so much better than cash because cash just ends up in my purse and spent on my lunch at work or some random bit of shopping. It never actually goes on a treat for me! A voucher, however, has to be spent in a particular place, be it on a meal or a favourite store, it means the recipient gets to choose but it has to be spent on them. Don’t know what store to choose a voucher for? That’s where the VEX Gift Certificate comes in, you can gift a certificate and the lucky mum who gets it can choose from a voucher from any of the retailers on the Voucher Express website to convert their gift certificate to. It’s simple and easy, and guaranteed to be the right choice.

Prices from £10 Purchase from

Popcorn Shed party Pack

Popcorn Shed

I love a bit of popcorn, it’s one of my favourite treats. The guys over at the Popcorn Shed make delicious gourmet popcorn and have some wonderful gift packs, from glass jars filled with your fave flavour to a Mother’s Day tin with a selection of mini packs. With a delightful variety of both savoury and sweet flavours you are bound to find something you love and I like the gift sets that contain a selection of small packs so you can gift a variety of flavours. I really like the idea of sending a tin of popcorn over to your mum and getting some for yourself and then arranging a virtual movie night so you can watch a film and have a popcorn sampling night together, even though you’re apart.

Prices from £13.50 Purchase from

Forever Living Hydrating Serum

Forever Living Hydrating Serum

With all the walking I have been doing recently, in all the weather, wind, snow, rain, heat, sub zero my skin has really been suffering and I’m sure I can’t be the only one. That’s why I think the Hydrating Serum from Forever Living would make a wonderful gift. It’s exactly the type of thing I need at the moment but wouldn’t think of treating myself too. Filled with pure aloe vera and four types of hyaluronic acid this serum gives an immediate hydrating boost and feels sublime on the skin. It’s a real treat to use and I would be delighted to get some as a gift! Obviously Forever Living have all sorts of other lovely products too, I’m just rather taken by this one.

£34.00 for 50ml Purchase from

OGGS Zesty Lemon CAke

OGGS Zesty Lemon Cake

OGGS® has an egg alternative Aquafaba for cooking and baking. It’s  low fat, has no added sugar and is just 9 calories per serving, OGGS® Egg Alternative Aquafaba is the ideal plant-based liquid egg alternative. You can easily replace your eggs with OGGS® Egg Alternative Aquafaba to give you consistent results in cooking and baking. Not to mention that the CO2 used to produce aquafaba is five times less than the amount needed to produce eggs. OGGS have some fabulous recipes if you fancy baking a delicious treat for your mum, if, like me, baking isn’t your forte they also sell a delightful Zesty Lemon Cake which is so yummy and would be an ace gift.

Prices from £5.00 Purchase from Waitrose, Ocado and The VeganKind Supermarket

Spa Day from Red Letter Days

Red Letter Days

Red Letter Days have so many luxurious gift experiences perfect for mum. You could opt for a weekend away, a spa day or even a flying lesson. There are so many things to choose from and 20 months to use the voucher, so no worries about not being able to use it. Maybe it’s because I’m desperate for some spa time but I am loving the Deluxe Spa Day for Two at Marriott Hotels. At £70 I think it’s wonderful value and being for two people I like the promise of some time with my mum. There are so many great options it would be hard to pick!

Prices vary. Purchase from

Green & Blacks Mother's Day Hamper

Green & Blacks

I adore Green & Blacks chocolate. I’m a big fan of dark chocolate and theirs is divine, I also discovered that their white chocolate tastes like vanilla ice cream recently, I’d never tried it before, sticking mainly to the dark chocolates but I got a mini selection pack at Christmas and now I’m converted. I can’t even tell you about the butterscotch chocolate, it’s too good to share, again discovered thanks to box of miniatures at Christmas. Anyway, I digress, there are some lovely gift sets on the Green & Blacks website, that just so happen to feature all my favourites and more. It’s a lovely way to discover new flavours and a very sweet gift and I would hope one that could share the joy of a new flavour.

Prices from £10.00 Purchase from

Disclosure – I have been gifted many of these items to see if I would like to include them in my gift guide. I have only included those I would actually purchase myself. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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