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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Mother’s Day is coming. I feel hopelessly disorganised and like it’s all sneaking up on me too fast. In my head I’m pretty sure it’s still 2020, not that we’re already into March of 2022!

This year it, at lat, we should at least be able to celebrate in person. However, we chose to recognise the mum’s in our lives I’m pretty sure they deserve something lovely so here are a few of my picks for celebrating Mother’s Day.

Fulton Umbrellas

I’m oddly a bit of a sucker for a nice umbrella. I own quite a few and always find myself looking at new ones when we’re out. I’m going to put it down to a rather British obsession with the weather and the vast amount of rain we get! Anyway, I digress, Fulton Umbrellas have recently launched their first line of sustainable umbrellas, The Eco Range, which uses 100% PET recycled plastic water bottles for the fabric, and state-of the-art bamboo handles. Taking inspiration from our natural world it is available in three eye-catching and colourful prints, including ‘Beehive’, ‘Marching Elephants’, and ‘Natural Bloom’. I’m rather fond of the elephants myself.

Prices from £25.00 Purchase from


Plant-based skincare brand Nuture offers a range of products to suit mums-to-be, new mums and every kind of mum! 
So for Dads buying on behalf of their little ones or unborn child or kids looking for the perfect skincare product for mum – look no further!
Nuture Nourishing Skin Treatment Oil and Nourishing Skin Treatment Cream are designed to care for stretch marks – so for mums-to-be, the products are great for growing bumps! The Oil also takes care of scars – so great for mums who have had a C-section, and have other warrier scars!

Prices from £12.99 Purchase from

Tia Maria

Tia Maria, the world-famous coffee liqueur, recently launched its new creamy liqueur with a delicious Japanese twist – Tia Maria Matcha.

Bringing a coffee shop taste to homes across the UK, Tia Maria Matcha is a uniquely fresh yet indulgent liqueur with the distinctive flavours and natural caffeine of Japanese green Matcha tea extract, providing a floral and refreshing twist on the aromatic Tia Maria taste with a smooth and creamy finish.

Providing a subtle green pour, the new product has an ABV of 17%, providing drinkers with a new mindful ritual and the perfect drink of choice for every occasion from pairing with indulgent food, relaxing at home, to celebrating on a sunny day outside when served over ice or as a rich ingredient in cocktails. 

Prices from £16 Purchase from Tesco

ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Celebrate the most important person in your life this Mother’s Day with the beautiful, evocative scents of ARRAN Sense of Scotland. From the stunning signature scent, After the Rain, to the refreshing citrus fragrance of Glenashdale to the fruity, floral freshness of Glen Rosa. 

For three decades, the family run business has been creating vibrant, evocative scents which are proudly made on and inspired by the Isle of Arran’s breath-taking scenery. From candles and fragrances to luxurious gift sets, there’s a gift to spoil the mother figure in your life this Mother’s Day. 

Prices from £20 Purchase from


If you want to surprise your Mum with a gift she won’t (literally) forget, Tile have some great options. The Bluetooth Trackers are ideal for attaching to car keys, slotting into wallets, or sticking to remote controls – it’s the ultimate tool for a busy mum who’s often misplacing their valuables and makes for a unique, affordable and useful Mother’s Day gift.

Simply attach the trackers to your belongings and the Tile app lets you ring your things if they’re close by, and you can use it in reverse to call your phone – even when it’s on silent. If your items are truly lost, the Tile app lets you check where they were last seen on a map. The platform also grants you access to Tile’s lost-and-found network, which will anonymously help find the lost or stolen item almost anywhere in the world.

I love my Tiles, purse, bag, house keys and car keys are all connected and I wouldn’t be without them. I’ve been using Tile for nearly 6 years now!!

Prices from £19.99 Purchase from


Fentimans have an amazing range of mixers and tonics, perfect on their own or as part of a cocktail. They have some lovely cocktail recipes on their website as well, both alcoholic and non alcoholic. My favourite is the simple Rose Spritz. It uses the Rose Lemonade that I just adore and mixes it with Prosecco. A few strawberries to garnish and you have a wonderfully refreshing drink, perfect for summer evenings in the garden.

So why not treat mum to her favourite mixer and maybe even get her something extra so she can make a great cocktail of her own.

Prices from £16.49 Purchase from

Spice Kitchen

I’m rather fond of Spice Kitchen and the amazing spice mixes they offer but for Mother’s Day the Baby Spice Kitchen is just perfect.

All of the flavours you love but with no salt, sugar or chilli! So a great way to start introducing flavours to the whole family, even the little ones. It’s a great way to make sure mum’s don’t have to miss out on foods they love.

There is a great range of flavours from Italian, Indian, Cajun and even a very yummy gingerbread spice mix. There is a lovely recipe book included and everything is beautifully gift wrapped in a hand made sari wrap.

£35 Purchase from

JJ Whitley

What about treating your mum to a bottle of JJ Whitley’s Raspberry Vodka, I know I would love it.

It is light, fresh, and rich in berry flavour, making it the perfect accompaniment to a summery or festive cocktail. Its sweet notes linger on the palate for that little bit longer, inviting you back for another sip.

A real treat, elegant and delicious.

Prices from £15 Purchase from the Drop Store. Can also be purchased at Sainsburys, Tesco, Morrison’s and Amazon.


It might not sound like the most exciting gift but it is something I am genuinely excited about.

Two years in the making, Modibodi’s Biodegradable Period and Pee-proof Briefs were designed to prevent textile waste from piling up in landfill, with all the comfort and reliability of regular Modibodi undies.

These are good looking, comfortable and useful underwear that are there for any day of the week or month! But, and most importantly, they are not going to be there forever, when you are done and they are no longer wearable, which will be over 100 washes later, they are fully biodegradable. A gift for mum and a gift for the planet.

From £32. Purchase from


Introducing the latest innovation in skin care at HoMedics – the Nano Facial Steamer. Different to traditional facial steamers, the adjustable steam nozzle allows you to focus on specific areas as well allowing for larger coverage. Finer than regular steam, the nano sized steam particles penetrate deeper into the outer layer of skin, opening up pores. Opening pores often softens blackheads, making them easier to remove. You can also achieve better absorption of your skin care products with your new Nano Facial Steamer.

It’s just like a spa at home, a fabulous treat for any mum and HoMedics are offering 20% off for Mother’s Day with the code GIFT20 from 7th March until 27th March!

RRP £79.99 £59.99 Available from: and Argos

ASDA Photos

I love a good personalised photo gift. They always make me smile and ASDA photo have some wonderful options. For Mother’s Day I think the personalised pillows are really special.

They are a comfortable and soft, full sized pillow, including the cushion that you can have printed with any of your special memories. There are loads of design options and colours to choose from and mine has a lovely, almost suede like feel to it.

I was home last week when my pillow was delivered, dull of cold and feeling really sorry for myself and the pillow immediately brightened my day. Now that is just what you want from a gift. Joy.

From £22 from

Sea State – Castleby Book 1

Hard to beat a good book as a Mother’s Day gift, it’s only better when you know it’s the start of a series so it will keep on giving! Sea State by J.M. Simpson is everything I love about a book.

Jesse Stevens needs to escape her past, start a new life and feel safe. The rugged coastline and tight-knit community of Castleby offers her that chance. Her new job with the local lifeboat crew gives her the stability and comfort she craves. Her skipper, Doug Brodie, faces
his own demons. He is struggling with survivor’s guilt, physical and mental scars, and a marriage teetering on the brink.

Jesse is desperate to put aside the dark nightmares and terrible memories. As she and Doug grow closer, she wonders whether she can ever really live a normal life and be happy. But Jesse is in grave
danger. Someone is watching her; trying to control and manipulate her life. Someone plans to make her life a living nightmare and return her to the hell she thought she had left behind. Will she ever be free?

Available in Paperback (£7.99) or EBook (£1.99) from Amazon


For the ultimate deep cleanse, unleash PorePatrol! Designed for blackhead removal, deep pore cleansing and exfoliation, enjoy a cleaner, brighter complexion in minutes.

Whether your skin is normal, oily or sensitive, this pore extractor has five interchangeable heads and five strength settings. So, you can start at a soft low suction and work your way up to combat congested pores. With its sleek ergonomic design, PorePatrol fits comfortably in your hand and will glide effortlessly across your face to extract dirt, excess oil and impurities.

A great gift for any mum.

From £36 Purchase from and Boots

Disclosure – I have been gifted many of these items to see if I would like to include them in my gift guide. I have only included those I would actually purchase myself. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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