My 1st Photos

My 1st Photos

My 1st Photos make personalised, soft, photo albums for babies. Photo albums that can be played with, chewed and used and most importantly be hand washed!

As well as these super cute photo albums they also make bunting, quilts and personalised taggies and they have kindly sent me a taggie for my little niece.

My 1st Photos

Everything is handmade and mum’s Nadine and Sarah who started this all taught themselves to sew, print and design, all so they could make a photo product for babies, not just for the parents!

The taggie My 1st Photos sent me is lovely, it’s so soft and cuddly and has a lovely picture of my niece on it and her name. It will be something my sister will hopefully want to keep for ever and L was so excited to have a lovely gift to give her.

My 1st Photos

The photos are printed onto the fabric using a completely safe printing process and non-toxic ink. Importantly the photos won’t ‘lift off’ the fabric and you don’t get that cracking you get with other print options.

The quality is amazing and it really is a one of a kind gift, we love it! Plus it’s only £15 and the shipping is free, such brilliant value.

Disclosure – we were gifted our taggie in return for an honest review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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