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My 2021 Goals

I’m not a big fan of New Year Resolutions. Never have been really. But now the longest month in the history of time is over, I have realised that I’ve got some goals I’d like to achieve this year. Nothing really big or exciting but some things I would really like to achieve. So here they are, my 2021 goals.

2021 goal geocaching
Searching for a cache!
  1. I’d like to read 12 books this year. That’s just 1 a month and totally achievable. Because reading is something I do just for me it does tend to get left at the bottom of the pile though, so this year I want it written down!
  2. Find 100 geocaches. I started geocaching a couple of years ago, found the couple in the village and forgot about it until the end of last year. Turns out I love it and really want to get to 100 this year. I’m at 35 so should be doable providing I’m actually able to travel to them!
  3. Go on 1 holiday. This may be completely out of my hands. I’d just really like one little UK break this year. Preferably to Bluestone, my happy place. 
  4. Use my spa vouchers, I got vouchers for Christmas 2019 and my birthday in 2020 which I was hoping to use before we went to Turkey last year. Needless to say that didn’t happen and they had to be extended. Again it’s completely out of my control but I really don’t want to see them go to waste. 
  5. Teach L to swim. It’s a biggy. Seemingly impossible. The kid loves water, hates lessons and has all of the fear! We’d found a nice little private pool we could use just by ourselves and it did feel like we were getting somewhere but then lockdown hit and it closed, again. Fingers crossed it will reopen and we can crack on with teaching the kid to swim. 
Learn to swim goal 2021 goal
I’d love for him to get the confidence to enjoy swimming

So there we have it. Some goals for the year. Some are easy, some are not, most are almost entirely out of my control. Let’s see where 2021 takes us!

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