My #FloraLunchBox Challenge

How do you get on packing lunches? I struggle. It’s not that I can’t pack a box, of course I can. It’s just getting in some variety and a good level of nutrients that gets to me. So I was intrigued about the #FloraLunchBox Challenge with BritMums.

I pack lunches for my husband at work, myself on days I work and for L if we are going on a day out somewhere. Thankfully nursery take care of him food wise when he is there and feed him amazing food. I’ve threatened to join them for lunch on more than one occasion.

Because when I pack lunch everybody tends to get the same thing. Every. Single. Time.

Our #FloraLunchBox Challenge pack


On the days I do a pack up for L it’s always a jam sandwich, he is obsessed. Sliced apple, grapes or some other fruit. Rice cakes or mini cheddars. Then I also add in some other fruity snacks, you know sultanas, yogurt coated fruits etc for emergencies during our day out.

Our lunches suit our needs. They are not exciting though and I wish I had a few easy bits I could do to jazz them up a bit. I mean how will I cope when he starts school.

Enjoying a picnic with my boy
Enjoying star shaped sandwiches for a mini picnic in the garden

So I was intrigued to check out the tips over on the Flora site and see what their lunch box planner could do to help.

There are great tips like making fruit into animals and making food fun. I have to admit that by simply cutting fruit and sandwiches into shapes using cutters I get way more food going into the boy. Not just in quantity but also variety. He’ll eat pretty much any vegetable if it’s shaped like a star that he wouldn’t normally touch.

By the using the planner I also found that one of my favourite pasta dishes perfectly fits the ‘main course’ section.

I don’t have a recipe for it, it was something I concocted many a year ago whilst I was on slimming world and have loved ever since.

You cook whole meal pasta, it’s healthier and yummier, but any pasta will do. Then when that’s cooked and draining in the hot pan melt a tablespoon of Flora, pop in a handful of finely chopped peppers, mushrooms and some sweetcorn alongside some garlic and onion if you like, and I do! Add in the hot pasta and some tinned tuna then stir. The Flora and the vegetables make a lovely, almost sauce, for the pasta and tuna. Sometimes I add in a handful of grated cheese.

The trick with this is to chop everything up really small so it cooks super quick. That way the whole meal is cooked in 15 minutes, simple.


All I then need to do is add a couple of snacks and some portions of fruit or veg and that’s a fab lunch.

It’s been really fun playing with different lunch ideas and getting a bit creative. I have even discovered that the act of just giving him a lunchbox at home makes him more excited about eating. So we might be having packed lunches more often, especially as lunch tends to be our toughest meal.

I’ve actually found the planner really useful, just for ideas and a bit of guidance. Afterall I can’t let L survive on just jam sandwiches, however much he asks.

Disclosure – This post is an entry for the #FloraLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Flora. Check out their lunch planner and recipe ideas here.

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