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My Halloween Treats

Halloween is one of my favourite holidays. The pumpkins, the weather, the fact hot chocolates are now acceptable and all the colours and fun that come with it. It’s not just for kids and it’s not just about Trick or Treating.

We have a few things we always do. There is a Pumpkin patch we love that has a Maize Maze and lots of delicious food and lovely craft stalls. It’s always one of my favourite days out, it makes me very happy. We go and enjoy the maze, then we grab a wheelbarrow and pick out our pumpkins. At some point we get some food, last year I went full on pumpkin, Pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread and a slice of pumpkin pie. This year we just went for milkshakes and bought some chocolates to take home.

The day out itself is my first annual treat, it’s definitely more for me than it is for L! That being said he didn’t fare badly being treated to a few goes on the lucky dip, milkshakes, chocolates and an overpriced kangaroo balloon. I also bought myself treat number two, a Halloween hot chocolate spoon.

I adore hot chocolates, the fancier the better, when a new coffee shop opened up near us that serves 80% cocoa hot chocolates I was over the moon. You can only imagine my joy when I saw a lovely little hot chocolate stirrer with an orange chocolate spider sat on it, surrounded by Marshmallows. Yum. I was supposed to save it for Halloween, but L and I went for a walk yesterday and I we had gotten very cold, so it was fancy hot chocolate time when we got home and it was delicious. Only a little treat but well deserved.

Haribo Halloween Countdown

Every year I also try to add to my collection of Halloween decorations. They make me very happy and L and I often craft a new decoration together over the half term. This year we’re going away so there won’t be any crafting or any any pumpkin carving like usual but Haribo sorted me out with a fabulous black, glittery pumpkin, as well as some amazing Halloween sweets.

Our #TEAMHALLOWEEN goody box from Haribo came with all sorts of spooky loveliness, a multi pack of little bags of Haribo Trick or Treat, a magical mix, where you’ll find bat, broomstick, frog and spider shaped pieces. They’re perfect for trick or treats, as the name suggests! We also got a bag of Scaremix, which gives a new frightening twist on the classic sweets we love. The toffee apple Eggs and blood orange Bottles are my favourites.  The best in my opinion are the TangfasTricks, will you get the normal, deliciously sour treat or one of the scarily extra sour sweets, it’s a risk I’m definitely willing to take! There are some awesome Halloween activities on their website and over on their social media accounts (Instagram: @haribouki, Twitter: @OfficialHARIBO and Facebook: HariboUK).

Vegan Bunny Trick or Treat Candle (image via Vegan Bunny)

Autumn also marks the start of candle season in our house. Whilst I have them all year round it’s unusual for me to light them over the summer, tending only really to be for special occasions. Autumn and those darker nights really tends to boost my candle consumption and I try to always get a Halloween themed candle. This year’s is from my faves over at Vegan Bunny. As you know I love their candles, they smell divine and look great too. Take one of their gorgeous warm and spicy scents and add some fun Halloween sprinkles and you get the perfect candle. It makes me smile just looking at it and when lit it fills the house with it’s gorgeous scent, it’s just like a warm hug. The most exciting thing about it is that as you burn it, the white wax turns black, which fills my heart with Halloween joy!

There are a few other things we usually do each year that I love, like carving a pumpkin with the kid, baking ghostly cupcakes and decorating the doorstep that just won’t happen this year as we are going away. But that is another big Halloween treat for me, a holiday!

I hope you all find some treats for yourself, whether you like Halloween or not, treating yourself is important.

Disclosure – my Vegan Bunny Candle and Haribo treat box were gifted to me in return for coverage. All thoughts and opinions are my own. As ever I only write about things I like.

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