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My Hilary Devey Collection Mattress – Review

I have had my new Hilary Devey Collection Mattress for nearly two months now. It’s initial schedule of flipping and turning is almost complete. So I think now is the time to tell you all about it. The big question is, do I still love it as much as did when it first arrived?

Hilary Devey Collection
My new Hilary Devey Collection Mattress

The short answer to that question is yes. Yes I do. It is amazingly comfortable and I have been sleeping a lot better. Finally making inroads into the intolerable tiredness I had been feeling.

So what makes the Hilary Devey Collection mattresses by Duvalay so special?

Hilary Devey Mattress
Hilary Devey Mattress Summer Side

A lot of things I think. From start to finish, everything about this mattress is of luxury quality. From the materials used, to them being hand crafted.

We have got the Diamond mattress. It is a 4 out of 5 on the firmness scale, supremely comfortable and for a mattress surprisingly beautiful. It is so heavy and well made, with handles on each side, which are a necessity for flipping it (a second person is useful too).

Hilary Devey Mattress
Lovely and thick with useful handles

It has a jaw dropping 2000 nested pocket springs. It holds you perfectly. Nothing hurts or jars. There are no uncomfortable spots. In fact it doesn’t even feel like a sprung mattress, at least not one I’ve  ever slept on.

It blows our previous Silent Night Memory Foam Mattress out of the water. The two are just not comparable. Different leagues entirely. This is cooler as it has air vents, actually offers far more support, and for those of you who think a sprung mattress can’t be as comfortable as a memory foam, you just haven’t tried one with enough springs.

Hilary Devey Collection
The cat is very happy with the new mattress

It is made using silk, cashmere, the finest of wools and natural cotton so I suppose a good nights sleep is to be expected.

I am comfortable and not too hot thanks to the summer side finished with cotton and the winter side that uses wool. I didn’t think this would make much difference but as we have spent the last few weeks flipping and turning the mattress to make sure all those natural fibres settle evenly, I have had the pleasure of sleeping on both the winter and summer sides during this heat and the difference is noticeable.

Hilary Devey New Mattress
Our new mattress, on our old bed

This mattress is so well made, so substantial, so amazing, we have actually bought a new bed frame since it arrived. Whilst our old metal frame looked lovely, the slats were so far apart it would have ruined the mattress in no time. We had boarded it but the time had come for a replacement. So now we have a new Ottoman bed. It is lovely to have the hidden storage and the better base will keep our mattress in tip top condition for longer.

The mattress is so heavy that the hydraulic arms on the ottoman can’t keep it up! I’m not going to lie, all the turning in the first few weeks has been difficult due to the weight, but once you have got through the initial 8 weeks you then only need to flip it once every 6 months. You would want to do this anyway to utilise the summer and winter sides of the mattress.

Hilary Devey Collection
The care guide is so useful

I am so impressed. Considering how much time you spend in bed, this beautiful Duvalay Mattress is worth the investment. I fear all other mattresses may now be spoilt for me. We are on holiday at the moment, with a perfectly acceptable mattress. One that I would usually have impressed with for a holiday, but now I can’t help but compare it to our Hilary Devey Collection Diamond Mattress.

I’m still not getting enough sleep thanks to noisy birds, the sunshine and a toddler but the sleep I am getting is so much better. I’m not waking up during the night because I’m uncomfortable and I’m waking feeling refreshed.

Hilary Devey Collection
I love this mattress

Disclosure – I received my Hilary Devey Collection Mattress in return for an honest review.

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