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My Little Morphée – Review

Today is World Mental Health Day, a time for us to really focus on the health and well being of ourselves and those around us. A time to help break the taboo. Today seems like the perfect day to share a review of a product we have been using with L, My Little Morphée.

I was originally contacted about the Morphée, a beautiful little meditation device. Easily added to your morning or bedtime routine with meditations between 8 and 20 minutes, Morphée can help take your mind off your stresses and re-adjust your mental wellness.


Morphée is a gorgeous, non-digital relaxation aid that combines the best meditation and sophrology techniques to help you reconnect with yourself. Completely disconnected, Morphée is screen-free, wave-free, and blue-light-free for the ultimate in relaxation. I was obviously very interested in this.

You may, or may not, have noticed that things have been very quiet on the blog this year and that is because quite frankly I have been struggling, a lot, and something had to give and that was sadly this website. Having gone through blow after blow just keeping my head above water has been my only aim, with anxiety spiralling and the darkness pulling at me from all sides it has not been the easiest of times for me. Honestly it’s still not something I am ready to talk about, so I will leave it at that for the moment. I am ok but I could be better.

My Little Morphee

I have always found meditation, journalling and walking to be key to my mental wellbeing but recently they have not been enough. So Morphée immediately peaked my interest. But this review is not about the Morphée device that is out their for adults, this is about My Little Morphée, because as I was looking at the Morphée for myself I noticed they did a version for children and the only thing that worries me more than my own rather currently precarious mental wellbeing is that of L.

Over the last two or three years our children have seen more major upheaval than we have in our entire lives. A pandemic, the death of a monarch, parents worried about the financial crisis weighing down on them, severe weather like never before and that is without anything that might be going on in their personal lives.

I have an anxious little boy. One who hates school. Who worries about everything, all of the time. One who is scared easily and doesn’t like to try things because of a deep rooted fear of failure. I don’t know where a lot of this comes from and I feel at a loss to help but knowing what I know about myself, and watching some of my worst traits manifest themselves in my son I was eager to try to find another way to help him through meditation.

My Little Morphee

We have previously tried journalling together and a bit of meditation which we found helpful and I have also used some of the kids meditations available from Calm but these have always needed either some form of technology or my involvement, they have never been just for him. My Little Morphée is designed from top to bottom with kids in mind and he doesn’t need my input at all, but if he wants there are meditations that are designed to do together either with his grown ups or with friends. He gets to use this all by himself, it is his, he is fully in charge of it and I think that is a huge part of why it works so well.

He was initially resistant to the idea, no shock there, he resists anything new. He did feel that it looked like it was for very young children, but I explained that it wasn’t the case at all. I also pointed out the giraffe option and then he was far more onboard but still unsure. We spoke a bit about it before it arrived and I explained that it would be a great way to help him get to sleep and he could use it during the day whenever he felt he needed a moment to calm down. He was adamant he would not give up listening to his audiobooks to go to sleep with, he does love The Enchanted Forest, and he was also sure he wouldn’t really use it at all but I got a begrudging ‘fine, I’ll try it’ from him.

My Little Morphee

When it got delivered and he got to see it in the flesh I think he felt better about it not just being for little kids, it’s actually a really sturdy little machine. A nice sage green colour with easy to use dials and a nice wooden carry handle. It looks like a small vintage radio. He immediately got to grips with how it worked. The simple play/pause button on the top. The on/off and volume dial on the side with a switch just above it to choose from the short 8 minute story to the longer 16 minute audio. Then on the front you have two dials, one to choose your animal theme and a second to choose the story location. There is also a nature sounds option and solo or group meditation options on the first dial.

We read through the instruction booklet together, spoke about when and how to use it, we looked at what each animal represented, generous giraffes, braves lions, happy butterflies and more, then he sat and played for a bit before we headed out to enjoy our day. When it got towards the end of the day we choose a story to listen to together, a giraffe one obviously and we just sat and listened. A beautiful and calm story which was just lovely and with it being a giraffe one had a clear theme of generosity, without it being overbearing. I really liked it and so did he. That night he must have listened to a dozen different tales and repeatedly got up to tell us about them. As My Little Morphée was supposed to help promote a good night’s sleep this wasn’t a great start, but for us it was normal, L is not one for going to sleep! Night is when he finds himself at his most anxious, his worries bubble to the surface and he is often up and down multiple times before eventually falling asleep.

My Little Morphee

Night two was a different story though, he went to bed, picked a story and we only saw him once. The same with night three. Night four and every night since he hasn’t got up at all. In fact he has been going to sleep so well we have been able to move his bedtime a little later as we know he will just go to bed and go to sleep, not spend over and hour fussing and worrying. It has been amazing. Brilliant for him and us. I genuinely wish we had found out about it sooner. I have heard him wake during the night a couple of times to go to the bathroom and then just pop a little story on to go back to sleep. Normally he would have been coming in to wake one of us, but he has just been able to sort himself out.

I would like to see him use it more during the daytime to help when he is feeling anxious or angry, so far he has only used it twice to go and calm himself down and one of those times I am pretty certain ws just a way to try and avoid helping me with some chores I had asked him to do! But it is a big thing to ask a child to not only recognise that their emotions have taken control of them in a less than productive manner but to then do something to actively remedy that. I am confident now that we have a tool in place to help when he does recognise those moments.

My Little Morphee

The charge on My Little Morphée lasts well and it is nice and sturdy and easy to travel with. We took it away with us at the weekend and L just popped it on his bedside table at the hotel and despite all the excitement went to bed and went to sleep. The biggest test for us was on Sunday when we got home. Not only was he over tired after a late night on Friday for his birthday party, a full day at Chessington on Saturday and then a hotel stay before his actual birthday and a full on morning at Silverstone. He was also overly excited because, you know, birthday. He had cake and sweets and being a Sunday we had school looming the next day. This type of night is normally a disaster for us, tears about school, tears about the fun being over, tears about the tears. However, he went to be, choose a story and went to sleep. Just like that. This might be normal for most people but it most certainly isn’t for us and the only thing that has changed is the use of My Little Morphée.

To say we all love this little device is an understatement. It has changed everything for us. Everything.

Morphée and My Little Morphée are available online at and in Selfridges.

Disclosure – we were gifted our My Little Morphée (and I couldn’t be more thankful), all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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