TABi notepad

My Most Organised Notepad – TABi

So it is no secret I am stationery obsessed. I love fancy pens, pretty notepads, tapes and pretty paper clips. Making lists makes me happy, organising my day obsessively keeps me feeling calm.  So when I heard about TABi a fully organised notepad just filled with tabs I HAD to try it. TABi notepad

TABi literally lets you write an index tab for every page in the notebook. It looks smart. It’s crazy useful. It is worthy of only the most special projects. TABi notepad

That being said, for once, my husband was interested in my latest stationery acquisition. We are getting an extension and the paperwork involved with that is mind-blowing. Not just the paperwork but the lists of who we need to call, what we need to do next, who we have paid and who we are yet to pay and it goes on. TABi notepad

So husb stole my TABi, I had chosen an A5 notepad, as that’s my prefered size, though they make A4 ones as well. The compact size has made it easy for husb to take it to work with him so he can get some phone calls sorted on his lunch break and remain organised. TABi notepad

He’s a big fan of hand-written lists, and a very ordered person so the TABi is just what he needs. With master lists, sub-lists, completed lists, sketches, notes on telephone calls and space to carry us through the whole project it’s been really useful. TABi notepad

Better than a standard notepad as the index tabs mean you can get straight to what you are looking for without having to leave through a whole pad.

This is the perfect project organiser and we love it.

Disclosure – I was gifted my TABi in exchange for an honest review.

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