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Over the last couple of months I’ve been talking about the Rescue products and how I use them for travelling. How useful I find the products for dealing with the stresses of travelling with a toddler. Also how it has allowed me to travel and see things I never thought I would. Today though, I thought I would share with you my Rescue story.

Bach rescue Plus Effervescent
How I get through the day when I look like this when I get up!

The reason I’m sharing my story is because I want you all to know how strongly I believe in Rescue. What a difference it makes to me on a near daily basis. I don’t want you to think that these are just a string of long winded adverts. Whilst over the summer I have been working alongside Rescue and supporting the #BreatheWithRescue campaign, I’m doing so because it is a brand I love.

I first used Rescue when I was around 9 years old. We were shopping in our local town, my parents, sister and I. We were in Woolworths on the high street when a car crashed, slamming into the store windows before bouncing into several more buildings. The glass shattered and so very nearly caught my sister. There were seconds between us being shaken up and serious injury.

Bach Rescue Plus
Bach Rescue Plus

So my mum bought us Rescue Remedy. At the time you only got the original remedy in the dropper and I remember the warm feeling on my tongue and how it helped calm us all down.

A couple of years later we had moved house. Schools. Left friends. Mum wasn’t well and Dad was working more jobs than he had time. Rescue Remedy just helped me feel settled.

Travelling with Rescue
Just a few items from my stash

Then there were exams and that little dropper came into every GCSE with me. Every. Single. One.

Any time I felt anxious during my time at 6th form as I was starting to find my feet in an adult world, whilst not quite an adult myself. When they days felt a bit darker, they were quite dark then, Rescue kept me going.

Since I discovered the Rescue Chewing Gum, a box has been near permanently in my bag. It was far easier to use when work was dragging me down.

Travelling with Rescue
Life can be an adventure

More recently, the Rescue Plus lockets have been a favourite, I like to let one dissolve in my mouth as I meditate. The Rescue Night drops have been a godsend, kids and sleep do not mix well, I need all the help I can get.

Even though as a rule I am far more ‘balanced’ then I have ever been, happier too, there are still Rescue products in my house, handbag and bedside table. I used it a couple of nights ago because my husband had wound me up about zombies just before bed. Stupid I know, but I can’t handle zombies, especially at bed time. You know what settled me to sleep? Rescue Spray and an audio book.

I sent a friend home with a bottle last month as she has been very anxious recently. I love to share it with people and hope they find the same benefits I have over the years.

Night time

I’m not sure where I was heading with this rambling. I guess I just want to carry on sharing something that has actually been pretty constant in my life, entirely reliable and made such a difference with everyone.

So as I can’t dole out bottles of this marvellous mixture to everyone, I hope that by sharing my personal story, you might just try it for yourselves and see if it works for you too.

You can find out more about Rescue Remedy here. The Rescue products are available from Boots, either in store or online.

Disclosure – this is a sponsored post. It is also my personal story.

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