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My Simply Be Wish List

Summer this year seems never ending and I am loving it but it has made me realise that my summer wardrobe is lacking. To the point I’ve had to resort to ‘holiday’ clothes, yep, I’ve worn my holiday shorts out and about in actual public. The shame!! So I’ve been working with Simply Be to create a wish list, hopefully you’ll love everything as much as I do.

Simply Be Wishlist Maxi Dress

I adore this halterneck maxi dress, at £25 it’s an absolute bargain. Perfect for a summer evening out paired with heels and some amazing jewellry or just worn with flats for a comfortable, cool and stylish day out.

simply be wishlist sandals

I think I’ve spent my whole summer living in my floral pumps, I love them, they are comfy and perfect for all of our adventures. But when it comes to a night out with the girls I’ve found myself in need of something a bit prettier. I love these butterfly sandals, still flat, so I won’t get into any mischief but pretty enough to wear to a wedding!

Simply Be wishlist beachwear

Whilst we were on holiday and I was in and out of the pool constantly, on the really hot days I was struggling, so ended up having to wear a t-shirt over my wet swimsuit. The same has been happening since I’ve been home and having epic water fights with the kid. So it would be really nice to have a lightweight dress like this, designed to be thrown on over you swimwear but actually looking nicer.

Simply be wishlist floral wide leg trouser

It would appear on the trouser front I own skinny jeans, hot! Two pairs of jean shorts, just not enough if I’m behind on the laundry, oops. Plus, the fateful pair of holiday shorts, that were bought before the summer season so I had limited choice, they are short shorts and unflattering. Oh and my work trousers, but as they are store branded, they aren’t for general wear. I love these wide leg trousers, perfect for the slightly cooler days but still not hot and so, so pretty. I just love them!

Simply Be wishlist levis tee

I am obsessed with this classic Levi’s tee. I can’t think of an occasion when I wouldn’t want to wear it. I am at heart a jeans and tee kind of a girl and I think this Levi’s tee is just the perfect way to pull that look off. Super fashionable but so casual at the same time. Love it.

Well that’s it, I figured I better stop at five. Five is a nice number and this wish list could go on forever, I initially picked like twenty items, with ease.

Disclosure – this is a collaborative post, all picks and opinions are my own. Images courtesy of Simply Be.

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