National Stationery Week with Stabilo

As you may or may not know, next week is National Stationery Week. The guys over at Stabilo believe that stationery matters and so do I. They aren’t just making functional and practical items, it’s so much more than that.

To me stationery is a bit of an obsession. I love it. As well as needing it for everyday and mundane tasks, I need it for my own peace of mind. To find my inner calm and sanity. My stationery says so much about me and I belive that if you can have a better, more fun, prettier item then why would you not use it. 

Stabilo Boss highlighlighters in pastel

So if you ask me for a paperclip, you’ll likely get a seahorse or maybe a crocodile. Highlighters, well maybe they are mini with characters on them that glow in the dark, or maybe you get one in pastel colours. Need a sticky note? Be prepared to sift through a variety of different sizes, patterns and colours. Don’t even start me on notepads, you’ll be lucky if I lend you one. They tend to be kept for best. Maybe if I really like you, maybe I’ll let you write in one.

I write in a journal everyday. Every single day. My journals are pretty, the paper feels comforting as I write and that smell of ink on paper is quite special. It’s not just writing down the good points from my day that helps to centre me. It is the cat of writing itself.

Perfect for little hands

When I get chance to craft I like to cross stitch. I keep track of how far I have got with patterns by highlighting the sections I have done. Highlighting allows me to still see the pattern, in case of mistakes or for future use.

I spend a lot of time with my son, colouring and drawing. Before I know it there’ll will be writing and as he gets older it will become more and more important. For now though, colouring and playing is the first step. So having something bright and funky. Something easy to hold. Pencils and crayons that don’t snap easily and pens that are washable. These things are important.


These Stabilo pens are so perfect for colouring


I love a bit of colouring as well. So good pens, with fine points and amazing colours are important to me. You can’t have enough fo them either. I don’t think I’ll be happy until I have all the shades available. Maybe not even then.

I struggle to think of an area of my life that I don’t use stationery.

Stationery does matter. It matters so much. I defy you not to smile if you receive an unexpected handwritten written letter. My friends and I send Happy Mail to each other when we need a little lift. It takes time and thought, it is special and it matters.

I always have one of my own pens in my pocket for work. Any time a customer borrows one I’ll get a comment. The handmade wooden pen that writes like a dream. The brightly coloured inks of some of my biros. The tech savvy pens which have a stylus tip. I never have a ‘boring’ biro and everyone loves a well designed pen.

A small selection of the Stabilo range

So I’m thankful there are brands like Stabilo out there. Stabilo have such an amazing range I couldn’t begin to cover it. I love the pastel coloured Boss highlighters, they are just so trendy. The coloured fineliners are perfect for a bit of adult colouring. The Stabilo Pen 68 range provides such a wide choice of colours, perfect for happy colouring. The products they have designed for children are so amazing, the thought that has gone into them is impressive. L loves the Easy Colours pencils. Easy to grip, easy to use. easy to sharpen. I suppose the clue was in the name.

So tell me fellow stationery fans. Why does Stationery Matter to you?

Disclosure – I was sent products from Stabilo so I could write this article. All opinions are my own.

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