New Furry Friends with Sinco Toys Zookiez & Wobbleez

L has been lucky enough to be sent his very own puppy and, as if that wasn’t good enough, he has got a Panda to call his own too. This is all thanks to Sinco Toys and their fabulous Zookiez and Wobbleez ranges.

These little walking dogs are so cute

Wobbleez are these super cute, soft, plush toy dogs. You can cuddle them and squeeze them, but you can also walk them. For want of a better description, they have tennis ball like feet, which make them walk as they are pulled along by their leads.

Sit with me doggy

L isn’t very good at walking his Wobbleez, AKA Barney the dog, he just runs off ad the poor thing gets dragged behind him. He does love to give it a good cuddle though. He’s also really enjoying ‘looking after’ his dog. Making sure he enough food and water. Has been played with and is comfy and warm.

Just making sure his lead is attached

I love that it is a soft toy with a difference. I’m also a hugely happy that it doesn’t need batteries, doesn’t make a noise and isn’t plastic. Woop! It’s nice to see him playing with something a bit different and loving it.

The cutest Panda ever

Zookiez are the softest , most cuddly, little toy animals in existence. I’m almost hoping L gets bored of his so I can have it!

Just hanging out with a Panda on his wrist

These little creatures are a lot of huggable fun. Can you remember those snap bracelets and rulers that used to about for kids in the 80’s and 90’s? You know, the straight ones that you would smack your wrist with, and they would then wrap round? Awful description I know, but hopefully you’re still with me.

Playing diggers with his Zookiez panda

Well, they have put two of those inside the Zookiez. Front paw to back paw on both sides. So your cute and fluffy little pet can grip around your arm, leg, bag handle, chair arm or anything else really.

L loves his Panda. It is always wrapped round him somewhere. They are so cute together. Though he hasn’t named it like he did his puppy. I would say he spends more time with it. He loves that he can pop it on an arm or a leg and then get on with whatever else he was doing. But this means he’s always got a little pal he stop and have a chat with, right there, on him. So cute.

He’s on my leg!

I really love the Zookiez. Mainly just for the cute fluffiness. It’s not just that though. L is one for taking a toy with him, wherever he goes. Normally it’s Gerry the Giraffe, his bestest of best friends. Sometimes though something else gets an outing and with his Panda I can just attach it to something and not have to worry too much. That’s a big deal for me.

You can find Wobbleez (rrp £20) and Zookiez (rrp £10) at Smyths, The Entertainer and other great toy stores.

I want it for myself

Disclosure – L received his toys in return for an honest review.

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