Lenor Parfum des Secrets

New Lenor Parfum des Secrets

Inspired by Beauty. Expertly crafted. Lasts longer than fine fragrance.

As part of its heritage Lenor has always embraced the importance of freshness. Enhancing how we feel in our clothes with lasting clean scent and by maintaining fabric’s soft touch.Lenor Parfum des Secrets

Using science and artistry to create a breakthrough formula, Lenor’s traditional conditioning benefits are now elevated with scents of fine fragrance. Crafted with luxury perfumery to create a longer lasting, sophisticated scent that adds the perfect finishing touch to the wearer’s style.

Lenor Parfum des Secrets is inspired by the moments of seduction and the ability we all hold to captivate an audience with an alluring persona and enduring intrigue.

Lenor Parfum des Secrets introduces: Mystery, Dazzle, Blush and Kiss.

‘I wanted to recreate the feeling of the moments of seduction with fragrance. From the intriguing scent of Mystery blended to harness the possibilities of what’s to come, the freshness of Dazzle that teases the promise of new connections, the creaminess of Blush to reflect the glow of new romance, and intoxicating richness of Kiss to portray passion and intensity.’

Rafael Trujillo, Lenor Perfume DesignerLenor

I’ve been using Blush. It smells devine, like fruit on a warm summer’s day. The fruity scent mixed with the distinct Sandalwood really is like a perfume, I really like it. Not only does it smell great, the scent lasts. Clothes that I washed last week and have pulled out to wear today still smell freshly washed and I keep getting little sniffs of it throughout the day. I’ll definitely be trying some fo the other fragrances.

Disclosure – I was sent some of the new Lenor to try in exchange for this article. All opinions are my own.

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