New Roblox Season 8 Toys

We have been lucky enough to have been sent a lovely box of the new Season 8 Roblox toys from Jazwares so that we can review them.

Roblox Series 8
L loving his new Roblox toys from Jazwares

L is a big fan of Roblox and though he doesn’t play the game much, mainly because I don’t understand it, I’m rubbish at these things, he really likes watching Roblox videos and playing with the toys.

Roblox Series 8
6 character set from Apocalypse Rising 2

He received a 6 figure set of Roblox characters from the Apocalypse Rising 2 range, with lots of fun characters and accessories ready for battle he was straight to playing and setting up all kinds of elaborate stories around the house. Other than being a bit tricky to get out of the box these were an immediate hit and I think it’s a great first pack to get for any fan as there is enough in it to start playing right away.

Roblox Series 8
Murder Mystery 2 characters

We got a two figure set from Murder Mystery 2 that came with loads of accessories. He got extra weapons and a box for the characters to hide behind or stand on during play.

Roblox Series 8
The Megaminer

Then he got Megaminer, one of the core characters. Now as I’m not overly familiar with the Roblox world I didn’t know he was actually iconic, but L has been teaching me. I actually really liked this one though, it was less about the weapons and fighting and he had a nice cheery face and came with a mining cart, gems and a pick axe.

Roblox Series 8
The blind boxes are great as the boxes are really useful for storing all the little bits and playing with

L also got two of the blind boxes. I don’t know any kid who doesn’t like a good surprise toy and these were no exception. L was desperate to see what was inside them. Each box had a different collectable character and accessory, as well as a checklist so you could mark of which ones you have and which ones you still need. These characters are a lot of fun, we got a pirate and his parrot which I thought was really funny. There are 24 new figures to collect in series 8, so that is a lot of good fun.

There are trains, tractors and more in our home Roblox world today

Now I’m not going to pretend I don’t struggle with all the weapons and apocalypse and zombie style themes for toys aimed at ages 6+, I’m always going to and I often find myself trying to find the right balance between things my son just adores and his friends play and things I am comfortable with as a parent. Not exactly a new struggle I know! But when it comes down to it, L really does love these toys and plays really nicely with them, even if there are a few more gun battles then I will ever be happy with.

Boy with toys
Apparently me taking pictures was getting in the way!

I love that you can mix and match between all the sets to make your own fun combinations, just like you do in the game when you are building your characters. I also liked that each pack came with a special code so you could redeem an item for the online game, we got some different clothing items and even a couple of whole Roblox people. One of the cards even came with an extra code!

Roblox Series 8
I love watching how the play mixes in with other toys

These toys are just a lot of fun and they have made a little boy very happy. His imagination has been running wild and it’s lovely to watch. You can find the new series 8 Roblox Toys at Smyths, Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Argos, Amazon, The Entertainer and other good retailers.

Roblox Series 8
Something is happening on the train line today

Disclosure – we were kindly gifted these toys for the purpose of this review.

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