Scoob Action Figures

New Scooby Doo Toys

L has spent the last week playing with some of the toys from the new Scooby Doo range from Character Options to celebrate the launch of the new movie, Scoob! in the US. 

He’s had a blast with them, they are so fabulous. 

We got a multi pack of figurines, including Scooby, Shaggy, Dick Dastardly, Blue Falcon, Black Rotten and Dusty Rotten. Then he got the Mystery Machine as well and it is awesome.

Scoob Toys
Scoob Toys

As soon as he saw his package of toys he was excited, what kid wouldn’t be, they’re bright, fun and Scooby Doo is awesome. We love watching the cartoons, both old and new and the movies are great. I cannot believe it’s been 50 years since the first cartoon! We are so excited that the new Scoob! Movie will be heading to cinemas in the UK soon, it’s just been released in the US and it looks like a lot of fun.

Back to the toys, L has loved playing with them, I think getting a few of the characters at once helped, with a clear mix of villains and heroes he was off to a flying start solving mysteries. 

Scoob Mystery Machine
Scoob Mystery Machine

The characters have been hidden in the garden and house for Shaggy to find in the mystery machine. There have been battles, not overly Scooby Doo esque but he’s a six year old boy, battles are fun. There has been all kinds of small world play and the fact that the figures are poseable and fully articulated makes them perfect for playing with.

He loves the Mystery Machine, especially because it converts into a good sized playset, the sides and roof fold down to reveal a whole world of Mystery Machine gadgets and equipment so his imagination just ran wild.

Scoob Action Figures
Scoob Action Figures

All the characters fit into the Mystery Machine so it makes it great fun to play with and because the roof of the cab also lifts it is easy to get the driver in and out, a real pet peeve of ours with other vehicle toys. 

Having the toys to play with has got L so excited for the movie release, I hope I’ll be able to take him to see it.

There are plenty more toys in the range to collect, so if you’ve got a Scooby fan at home they’ll be sure to enjoy them. There are plush Scooby characters, Scoob Twin Packs, a Super Stretch Scoob and even the Scoob Mystery Mansion. You can get the toys from Argos.

Scoob Toys
L couldn’t wait to get into his toys

I think they’re really reasonably priced and they seem great quality too, so much detail and lovely and sturdy.

It’s been a nice treat for the boy during lockdown, it really lifted his spirits. 

Disclosure – we were gifted our toys in return for an honest review.

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