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For me the new year wasn’t about resolutions but I did spend the majority of January learning some new skills. I took a Coding for Beginners Course with New Skills Academy.

It took me ages to choose which course to go for, did I go for a WordPress course, that would have been really useful for me and my blog. Did I learn something entirely new? Dog Walking, Payroll or Floristry. With over 200 courses to choose from it wasn’t easy for me but I settled with coding for a few reasons.New Skills Academy

Coding will help me with my blog, up until my coding knowledge had been very basic, sure I could change an image size, fix basic layout errors and understand where a trail of code started and ended but that was it. Now I’ll be able to get a bit more in-depth and understand what I’m looking at.

I also figured coding would be helpful in the wider job market. It might mean one more hourly I can pick up on People Per Hour or maybe even be something I could offer help with on a more permanent basis.

In the long term I’m pretty certain L will get taught coding at some point at school, sure things will have changed loads by then, but to at least have a basic understanding so I can help him with homework will good.New Skills Academy

In a recent survey New Skills Academy found that 73% of mothers are considering retraining for a new career that fits their lifestyle 83% want a job that better fits their lives as parents. So they are trying to help with that.

 A significant factor in the decision to switch professions is childcare – and wanting to spend more time with children. The survey showed that 45% want a job with more flexible hours and 34% want a job with shorter working hours. Considering how eye wateringly expensive childcare I am not surprised.

 In addition:

·       93% said flexible working hours were important or very important;

·       80% said that the option to work part time is important or very important;

·       98% said that an understanding boss who recognised the need to take time off for school events, or poorly children is important or very important;

·       90% said ability to work locally – or from home is important or very important.

I am very lucky to have a local, part time job, which is just flexible enough to handle emergencies and offer overtime and I have hands down the best manager a person could hope for.

She is amazing and understanding and I’m not just saying this because I’m about to go in on my day of to have lunch with her, I’m saying this because she has personally given up holiday so I could have some family time, she didn’t make me feel guilty for the time off I had to have when L was ill and she understands that I can’t always help out as much as I would like as I have childcare to think of. Not everyone is as lucky as me.

But I know how important these things are as I left a job of ten years as it didn’t offer a single one of them. I left to chase a dream of being self-employed and working for myself, a dream that didn’t quite pan out, but that I at least tried.

 Meanwhile, the New Skills Academy research also looked at what mums would ideally like to retrain to do. It found that 16% of mothers would like to become a Teaching Assistant, followed closely by Shop Owner at 15%. Midwife and Personal/Executive Assistant roles came next at 10% and 6%, respectively.

I have really enjoyed taking my course, I was worried that it would be too basic, but it wasn’t. It has really taken me from beginner to just above beginner, coding is COMPLEX! I found it challenging, sometimes really flipping hard, but I have also learnt a lot.

Home Learning

You do it at entirely your own pace, with no lessons to attend or time frames attached you fit it in when you can. It’s taken me ages to get through and there are still parts I want to re-read before I risk taking my final test so I can get my certificate. But I can do this with New Skills Academy.

I’ve been able to download and print each module and accompanying workbook, so I can take them to work with me and read on my lunch breaks. There is an online notes function, right there as you are learning which is super handy.

I love that you can earn trophies for completing certain things, likes days in a row logging in, or modules completed and you can save these up to earn discounts or even free courses.

As I mentioned there are over 200 courses on offer, each verified by industry experts and many which will provide accreditation. I really can’t recommend them highly enough as a learning provider that will fit around you. 

 For more information visit

Disclosure – I was gifted my course in return for an honest review.

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  1. I used to do a lot of work from home. I found myself doing extra hours for free but it beats the daily commutes.

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