nkd life pod+


I spent a lot of July trotting back and forward to London to check out the latest products that will be on offer for Christmas. I want to share one of those with you today partly because it’s not overly festive and great for the summer and also because it is awesome. So here’s what I thought of the nkd life pod+ water bottle.

nkd life pod+
nkd life pod+

The nkd life pod+ water bottle is a filter bottle. But it’s a bit special. Now I love bottles that filter your water, I already own a couple. I hate tap water, it tastes funny, so filtered is the only way for me.

The filter is so good on this bottle I drank pond water from it. Yep. They had a fish tank with slimy, slightly green, muddy water in it. This water was popped into the the nkd life pod+ and I drank it, it was fresh, clean and had no residual pondy flavour. Amazing.

They also had a bottle filled with red wine, which comes out of the filter clear, clear! It does the same with cola too. Clearly I have no use for this level of witch craft, I like my wine and diet coke just as they are. It is kind of cool that the filter is that powerful though.

So we’ve covered how epic the filter is, but practically, how great is that for when you are off travelling and the water isn’t great? It is also perfect for daily use with just normal tap water.

nkd life pod+
nkd life pod+

The bottle looks seriously cool too, coming in six great colours. The lid pops open with a simple one hand action so you can drink on the go and can be used without the filter.

Oh and for every bottle purchased they make sure that children get access to clean water. For every litre of water you enjoy, nkd’s litre for litre programme (Life Movement) provides the same for a child in need. I LOVE THIS! Doing good whilst drinking well.

If you want some technical information, here goes:

The filter uses technology from the NASA space programme to recreate the qualities found in mountain mineral water.  The filter lasts for 175 litres, which is 300 refills, approximately two months of regular use.

Anti-bacteria technology filters up to 99.9% of contaminants while you drink.  Contaminants include bacteria, viruses, cysts, heavy metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and organic contaminants.

A layer of pure activated coconut carbon improves the water’s taste, reduces odour and chlorine without stripping the water of its natural minerals.

nkd life pod+
nkd life pod+

Natural minerals ionize, raise the antioxidant level and slightly alkalise the water.

The bottle launched in the UK on 25 July 2017, the nkd pod+ is available from Harrods retailing at £19.95 for the pod+ and replacement filter at £7.95. Which I think is great value.

For further information and stockist details please visit www.nkdlife.com

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Disclosure – I was gifted my bottle but was under no obligation to write about it. All opinions are my own.

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