Noddy Toyland Detective

Noddy Toyland Detective App Review

I know, I know. I’ve gone from never reviewing apps to doing two in close succession. You see whilst I’m happy for L to use my phone or a tablet I would like to expand his horizons away from YouTube Kids. So the Noddy Toyland Detective App really appealed to me.  

Noddy Toyland Detective
The Case of the Slippery Floor

It’s aimed at under 5’s and children can explore Toyland solving mysteries and playing mini games.  Once the case is solved a storybook about their adventure is generated for the children to read.

L likes watching Noddy on Milkshake in the mornings so I had high hopes for the app. He was straight away drawn in by the excellent animations and the easy to press buttons getting him into the game. As soon as the game loaded he was happy guiding Noddy around Toyland in his little car.

Things all got a bit confusing for him after that.

Noddy Toyland Detective
Exploring Toyland

The game can do so much. It is so detailed. But on a phone it was just too much for him to take in. I wish I had installed it to my tablet, as I think the bigger screen size would really help with the game play.

The idea behind Noddy Toyland Detective is to use the ‘Who, What, Where Book’ to solve mysteries. Exploring Toyland to find who, what where and when. Stopping off along the way to play as many mini games as you want. There are lots of mini games to choose from.

  • Create musical masterpieces with the Pirate Band using simple tap and touch controls.
  • Follow Deltoid’s workout patterns to learn the ancient art of Deltoid-O.
  • Paint and decorate Revs the car with colourful shapes and designs.
  • Help the Brickabuild builders solve jigsaw puzzles.
  • Paint and decorate Rev the car with paint and stickers you’ve found on your journey.
Noddy Toyland Detective
Noddy Toyland Detective

Because there is so much to do, Toyland is very full, this is why I think a bigger screen would help. L kept accidentally driving into the mini games, which take a few seconds to load, then a few seconds to back out of if you don’t want to play. He gets a little frustrated at this.

I love that the app has a passcode protected ‘Grown Ups Corner,’ accessed from the start screen only where you can set the length of time they can play for and allow for email notifications that tell you when your child has created a new case for you to read together. You can get help and advice about playing the game, which is handy.

Noddy Toyland Detective
The Case of the Forgotten Crystal

Whilst this isn’t an app for L at the moment I’m definitely keeping it because I think when he’s a bit older, a bit more patient there’s a lot he will benefit from. It’s been designed to help with language, sentence structure and creativity. All things that I’m keen to help him with. He is just a little young for it at the moment. Plus it’s by Kuato Studios and L loves the Dinosaur Train App they created.

The App is £2.99 and available from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Disclosure – I have been compensated for my time writing this review. All opinions are my own.

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