An Amazing Day at Museum of Norwich at The Bridewell

I hadn’t visited the Museum of Norwich at The Bridewell since I was a kid. A middle school trip if I recall. Today L and I had been invited along to see the half term activities that Dipple & Conway Opticians had teamed up with them for to mark their centenary.

Museum Norwich Bridewell
Our visit to The Museum of Norwich at The Bridewell

We’d already done loads that morning and I was worried L wouldn’t really be in the right mood, plus I woefully unprepared for a day out with a three year old.

Museum Norwich Bridewell
L was happy from the second we got inside the door and he saw this engine

We had been swimming, popped into town to grab some shopping and go to the bank. I may or may not have forgotten about our day out until a reminder popped up on my phone. Which is so unusual for me I felt a little queasy! So I was without snacks, without a drink, without most of my toddler bribery arsenal.

Museum Norwich Bridewell
A quick pose before heading off to explore

We had the best time though. L was in fine form. He loved following the Dipple & Conway Eye Spy Trail, finding glasses hidden around the museum and popping stickers into his trail book. There was loads of interactive things for him to do and so many of the displays really held his interest.

Museum Norwich Bridewell
Just one of the many things that L loved

He loved looking at all the fabrics and the machinery. He really enjoyed exploring all the draws that could be opened to find individual displays. There a few sections with old toys in which he found fascinating and strangely he loved the old bar set up. I suppose he gets that from me.

Museum Norwich Bridewell
He loved opening all the draws and finding new things

It had changed a lot in the years since my last visit and I loved it. I was a bit gutted husb didn’t come with us as I know he would have enjoyed it as well. I have been telling him all about it this evening and I think we’ll go back just the two of us so I can actually read some of the information and really enjoy the displays.

Museum Norwich Bridewell
I was so impressed with all the things L could get hands on with

L was way too focused on finding the next pair of glasses!

Museum Norwich Bridewell
I will get to come back and read some of the information

As The Bridewell is right in the centre of Norwich it is really easy to get to. Just a couple of minutes walk from St Andrews Car Park, not much further from most of the car parks actually. Plus there’s always the Park and Ride.

Cake Time in Logan’s

It also meant that there was plenty for us to do after we’d had a good look around. You can get hot drinks and a selection of cakes and snacks at the museum, we decided to head of the hill to Logan’s though and enjoyed an Oreo Brownie. Mmmmm.

Park Time
Park Time

Then we popped back towards the car, detouring past The Playhouse, enjoying the riverside views and kids play area before heading home.

Museum Norwich Bridewell
There was so much to see

I love that under 4’s are free. It’s all too often under 3’s, but I honestly feel that 4 is a better age. Not only for my purse but because of that difference in understanding and concentration.

Museum Norwich Bridewell
L loved playing bar tender

Adults are only £5.50 each and you can go for £1.00 an hour before closing whenever it’s open, this is brilliant. You could see almost everything in an hour, a little rushed maybe, I would recommend 1.5 to 2 hours, but for £1.00, that’s amazing.

Museum Norwich Bridewell
I loved all the displays

We really had the best day today and I cannot wait to go back and have a really good look round.

Half term Dipple & Conway’s ‘Now You See It’ family activities and archive collection useful dates and information at The Museum of Norwich at The Bridewell.  

  • Archive exhibition (20th–29th October): A collection of optical items from the past 100 years
  • Now You See It (25th–28th October): Half-term children’s activities & educational talks, celebrating Dipple & Conway’s 100th birthday.
  • Tuesday 25th to Friday 28th October, 10am – 4.30pm. Take part in the Eye Spy trail around the museum.
  • Tuesday 25th October, 11am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm. Object Handling, including spectacles and accessories.
  • Wednesday 26th October, 1pm – 4pm. Show and Tell, with one of Dipple & Conway’s professional opticians.
  • Thursday 27th October, 1pm – 4pm. The Science of Sight, techniques and equipment that have helped millions see more clearly, part of Norwich Science Festival.

    Museum Norwich Bridewell
    There was so much for him to get involved with

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Disclosure – L and I were guests of the museum today, all opinions are my own.

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