Novella Nostalgia

Novella Nostalgia

Novella Nostalgia is a series of five books based upon iconic films. The authors, Tony Drury and Oliver Richbell, have taken the essence of a films story and flung it into our modern world. I received all five book shortly before Christmas and have loved delving into them. Fun, gripping and perfect for reading over the busy holiday period when I could only grab a short bit of time here and there. I would highly recommend these books.

Novella Nostalgia

“Lunch with Harry” takes the classic romance and one of my all time favourite films ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ to Regent Street, London in 2016. Due to my love of the film I was worried I wouldn’t like the book at all, but the key here and with the whole series actually, is they are not re-writing the films, just taking strains of the ideas that made them and making an entirely new tale. Our key character in the book, Dr Ella van Houten, was imagining she was Holly Golightly when she stands on a man’s foot outside Hamleys and that is the base for a new story.

“Twelve Troubled Jurors” is based upin a film I have never seen and don’t actually know anything about 12 Angry Men, so for me this was just a tense and interesting story about a trial. I may now have to find the film to watch.

“Forever on Thursdays” is based on Brief Encounter. We find Carey, who has just lost her father and is struggling through a difficult marriage, as she is rescued from a bag snatching attempt at a busy railway station. Mark, the gentleman who saves her from the assault, soon fills her head as they start meeting every week.

Novella Nostalgia

“The Man who Hated” is inspired by the 1993 release of Michael Douglas film Falling Down. The protagonist, ex-police officer Milton Grant, appoints himself hero to correct what he feels is wrong amongst humanity. Grant’s estrangement and anger is fuelled by difficulty with his daughter and his diagnosis with terminal cancer. Paradoxically, Grant’s quest is carried out through acts of violence that become ever more intense as the novella progresses.

Gloriana” is based on Valkyrie, the 2008 Tom Cruise film, a film I don’t rate at all if I’m honest. In Gloriana instead of following those plotting against Hitler we actually follow the tale of a group who voted remain plotting to kill the Prime Minister. A brave book in this political climate and actually a rather good read, however you voted.

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Disclosure – I was gifted my books in exchange for a review. All thoughts, opinions and images are my own.

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