Nuu Mobile T2 Tablet

Nuu Mobile T2 Tablet – Reveiw

When we went on holiday at the beginning of the month L was lucky enough to have his own tablet. He was sent the Nuu Mobile T2 to put through its paces and boy did he. Nuu Mobile T2 Tablet

Technical Information

I’m not going to cover the full tech spec, you can find that on the Nuu Mobile Website. I will just jot down what I think the main features are though.

They are on offer at the moment, buy one get one half price. Or if you only need one, you get a free travel adaptor, which is what we did and the adaptor is amazing. It’s a multi region, so will work anywhere and has a USB output, always handy.

7 inch screen size. Perfect for smaller hands and travelling, he doesn’t need anything larger.

The internal storage capacity is 8GB with expandable memory with an SD card up to 32GB. We’ve got a 16GB card in our tablet and haven’t struggled for space as you can format the SD Card to add to the internal memory. It has 1GB of RAM, so it’s not the fastest and you can’t multi task on it but for just playing a game or watching a movie it’s perfect.Nuu Mobile T2 Tablet

On the camera front you get a 2MP front camera and a 5MP rear. More than enough for must users, tablets don’t really get people looking for top class cameras. It  uses Android 6.0.

Dual SIM card slots use as a Smartphone, whilst I don’t need dual SIM it is really handy to have a SIM slot. It means we can use mobile data and not be reliant on WiFi, that will make car journeys easier. The tablet is unlocked so you can use any network and is 3G enabled not 4G.

3.5mm stereo headphone jack, micro USB to charge.

2,500 mAh battery providing up to 10 hours battery life (depending on usage). I would say L can get through the battery in around 5 hours, YouTube Kids App and a million surprise egg videos will do that, though it’s just my best guess as he obviously doesn’t use it it one solid chunk of time.

Cost £59.99 which is awesome. Nuu Mobile T2 Tablet

What I Thought About It

It feel a bit cheap and the cover for the SIM cards and memory cards slot isn’t too sturdy. But then it is cheap and if that’s the only fault I can find then happy days.

Other than that though I have been very impressed. For very little money you get an awful lot of technology and it is perfect for L.

I love the SIM slot. Not only will he be able to use his tablet on the go he has the capability of calling us or texting when he gets a bit older.

I’m really happy with the Android set up as it means I can use Google Family Link. I have set L up with his own email address and Google account but he is marked as a child. So he can access our apps, movies and books etc via the family library but none of our personal data.

We can also set usage timers, a set bedtime and wake for the tablet, track his location, app usage and most importantly add age restrictions and authorise which apps get downloaded. Total peace of mind. Nuu Mobile T2 Tablet

What L Thinks About It

He has found it very easy to use and personalise. I would say his only gripe is that the on/off button and volume rocker are a little on the small size. He also dislike that I don’t him use it all the hours of the day.

He has found it easy to navigate, loves that it is all his and is very happy with the sheer level of Paw Patrol episodes it can store. As we added the SD card I haven’t had any storage issues and there are plenty of fun apps installed as well as us downloading plenty of movies and TV shows to keep him happy.

He is very excited at the thought of being able to call us whenever he wants which I think is cute.

To be fair he mainly uses is for watching his weird egg videos and listening to audiobooks at bedtime. This has made him really happy. Nuu Mobile T2 Tablet


For £60 the Nuu MObile T2 tablet is worth every penny. It made travelling a dream and it’s just really nice for him to have. It certainly keeps our own, far more expensive tech safe!

It’s a very clean experience with no bloatware and pretty much stock Android set up.

I’m really very pleased. Nuu Mobile T2 Tablet

Disclosure – we were gifted our tablet in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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  3. Hi, your review does not mention the camera use. I have found middle distance focus is non existent, sent original tablet for ‘repair’ as could not focus at all! Any thoughts? Cheers

    1. Hi, I have literally never used the camera, hence no mention of it in the review. This has been used as a tablet for a young child. The camera spec is nothing special so I’m not overly surprised you haven’t found it great but for the price of the tablet I wouldn’t expect much. If they fixed the original problem of it not focusing it at all when it was sent off for repair then you clearly had a faulty device, but the lack of focus over distance isn’t a huge shock to me, like I say, it’s not what we use the tablet for in our household, so I can’t really comment further than that and why I didn’t cover it in the review. Briony x

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