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One Week In

I cannot believe L has just started his second week at school. It has flown by and I have already learnt some things. 

First day!!

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more proud of my son he walked into school, scared and dreadfully upset and just nailed it. He has since been leaving early he’s so excited to get there and has barely given me a second glance, so long as he gets his cuddle and kiss before he goes in he is good. He loves his buddy from yr 6 and has been learning, actually learning. I know we’ll have plenty of wobbles along the way but for as long as these happy mornings last I will lap them up.

Buying socks that had the days written on them was stupid. It means I have to stay on top of the washing as he can’t wear the wrong days socks. Not that he can read them anyway, so why, just why did I do it. Plus if the washing machine eats one Sunday and one Tuesday I can’t just fudge together a pair out of the remaining ones. Tintagel Castle

Organisation is key. I was always aware it would be, but I hadn’t quite worked the timings out in my head. I will need to ensure I am fully ready for work before we leave on the school run as I don’t have much time when we get back. So my dreams of a leisurely breakfast are out the window.

The transition is harder on me than him. He’s being going to school like a boss and just nailing it. We had a wobble on the first day and a wobble this morning but that’s been it. I’ve been sobbing into his bears every day when I get home.

We now have no time. None. It’s only been a week and I’m already feeling the stress of it. How are we going to fit in seeing his friends, our friends, family, going places and having fun when we now only have two days at the weekend. Not even that really as I work Saturday afternoon and husb plays golf. I’m sure it’s something we’ll settle into but at the moment it feels pretty insurmountable.

Herbert Woods Picnic Boat


The Facebook Groups are already winding me and will be muted. They’ve been at school five days, no I will not being fun run this weekend. Yes I read the sign outside his classroom. No I will not be baking. Yes I know you are perfect and your shit together. I’m happy as I am ta.

The school gates are strangely 100% as dreadful as I was expecting but also simultaneously actually just fine. This will come as a shock to everyone but I’ve actually made some friends and have a nice little chat most mornings, I know, anti social and anxious little old me being good a conversing with strangers! I have also happened across a huge amount of parents I cannot abide, thankfully very few of them actually talk to me, so it’s all good!

The forms are never ending. He has already ruined a polo shirt. Requests for money start sooner than expected.  I must, must, must check his pockets before I wash anything. We created our own routine pretty quickly. Tintagel Castle

6 thoughts on “One Week In”

  1. Love this post! Our boy is not quite 4 months old, and I’m already dreading him starting school. I will miss him so much! I miss him when I sleep at night!! As a fellow anti-social type, and a bit nerdy, I’m also dreading the school gates. I’ll be the ninja mum swooping in to collect my son before vanishing again. Although, he’ll probably be more social than I am, and will make friends like a boss!

    1. We are kindred spirits! Had a little cry tonight because I miss him and he’s just bossing it! You’ve got a little while yet, so don’t stress it just now xx

  2. It sounds as though you’re doing really well. I buy plain grey socks in bulk. Totally with you on the pressure of pairing them up correctly when they come through the wash when I didn’t do that!

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