Othello – Review

A couple of weeks ago it was International Table Top Games Day and to celebrate we were sent a selection of classic table top games to play and review from John Adams Toys and Ideal. So here I am with game number two, OthelloBefore games night not only had I never played Othello, I hadn’t heard of it either. This makes me sad as it is bloody brilliant.

It says on the side of the box, ‘a minute to learn… a lifetime to master’ and never was a truer word said.

Each player gets a split of the double sided black and white playing counters and chooses their colour. Then by placing the counters you try and trap the opposing colours between your and flip them over, the person with the most of their own colour on the board wins. Bam. Othello

It’s fast paced, it’s fun and it’s brilliant. One of the best two player games I’ve ever had. It reminds of the games we’d used to play at school with pen and paper, seeing who could get the most squares!

I love that the playing board fits perfectly in the box and having a little square for each counter to nestle in means you can put it up mid game and resume later.

It’s so easy to set up and get playing and really easy to put away too, which for me is super handy.

I just can’t believe I hadn’t even heard of it, such a brilliant game. A real classic. It’s not one for L just yet but it won’t be long and I can’t wait to play it with him.

Disclosure – I was gifted my game in exchange for an honest review.

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